Sunday, June 06, 2010

iPhone and toddlers

I routinely let Chase play with my iPhone.

Anyone shocked?

I didn't think so.

Not surprising, he is pretty proficient at it now. He has an entire page dedicated to "Chase apps" which he thoroughly enjoys... sometimes.

Other times he much prefers to push random apps and see what opens up.

Of course I always put the phone on "Airplane Mode" so that Chase isn't random dialing everyone in my contact list... you're welcome.

A few days ago I let Chase play on my iPhone in the afternoon and didn't really think twice when he handed it back. Everything looked normal when I put the phone back in standard mode.

Until later that evening when I went to check one of my email accounts and found this...

The first 3 are my regular email accounts... but that 4th one?... I had no idea where that one came from.

So I handed the phone to my IT guy (aka the hubby) and asked him to diagnose.

Hmmm... email account complete with inbox and....

A 2 letter password. It seems our precocious little techy might want to beef up his passwords. He is sure to get hacked at this rate.


KaraB said...


I noticed a new site on my "favorites" list on my PC. It's called DFDFDFDFDFDFDFDFDFDF. Hmm.

Kristin said...

HA! That's fantastic!!! Maybe Chase can help me figure out which remotes do what in my house!

dkamfam said...

I love it! Any outgoing emails, hmmm? :)

Leah said...

That is too funny. maybe he can give my mom some lessons on how to send an email cause she can't figure it out to save her life.

Insung said...

hilarious. such tech-savvy boy!