Monday, June 14, 2010

Awesome Weekend

We got the opportunity for a mini-vacation this past weekend and it was amazing.

Adam's uncle invited us to his gorgeous home for a weekend with the promise of taking us out on his boat... to which Sandy, Adam, Chase and I quickly said yes!

They (Adam's Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Vicki) live in Annapolis which meant 1. I was able to slip away and have coffee with my best friend sans the kids! 2. we were in extremely familiar and loved territory, 3. we were able to attend BACC... something we have been missing greatly lately.

We left Hagerstown in the afternoon on Friday... right in time for 'quiet time' for Chase...
I will never tire of these pictures... he's so stinkin cute when he sleeps!

Once we were at the house Adam and Chase wasted no time exploring their property...

Chase quickly discovered the creek that runs through their backyard and jumped right in...
He had so much fun throwing sticks and rocks and running (at least trying to) through the water.

Quintessential boy.

Chase got a huge kick out of running through this shallow area... back and forth... splashing as high as he possibly could. It looked like such fun I even joined in! I know, me and nature spending time together... I never thought it would happen either. Better get used to it with 2 boys!

Although Chase has recently developed a horrid fear of 'buggies'. If anything... gnat, fly, ant... gets within eye-shot, he totally flips out and demands my 'up'. I have no idea where he got it from *whistling* {eyes shifting to avoid contact} *whistling*.

I am not too worried about it... in 6 months he will be over it and probably trying to catch them. So for now I just remind him that they aren't all bad and relish the fact that he still runs to me for comfort.

After the creek (which took some MAJOR convincing to leave) Adam and Chase went for a dip in the 'pool'.
And by pool I mean hot tub which was set at a reasonable 93°.

This is about all the further Chase got in. At one point he was standing (he could easily stand on the bottom and have his head above water) but he lost his footing and went under... to which Adam quickly scooped him back up (picture one fluid motion) but that was all it took for Chase. He immediately wanted out and from then on out approached with extreme caution and hesitation.

Regardless, he still had a blast playing with Daddy in the 'pool'. At one point Adam scrubbed the sides down with a brillo type brush, just to keep the iron in the water from collecting on the sides and creating a ring. When Chase heard this conversation he interpreted it as 'ironing the water'... and that became his job. He ironed the water on every open surface of the hot tub.

To say that he is entertaining is the understatement of the year.

During pool time I was able to slip out for an hour or so and meet up with Christine. Luckily she was able to slip away and leave her 2 boys with her hubby... which meant an hour of uninterrupted conversation between adults! That so rarely happens anymore! It was heavenly. I am pretty sure we got more out of this conversation than the past month of talking over the phone while trying to juggle the kids/pets.

After dinner it was finally time to turn in... which meant Chase finally got to use this...
his beloved travel bed!

We blew it up the day we bought it... just to test it out and show Chase what he would be sleeping on when we went to Uncle Jimmy's and Myrtle Beach. That was at least 2 weeks ago and I think we have heard about the travel bed daily since then.

Conversation at the kennel. Kennel lady: "Are you going to have fun at your uncle's house?" Chase: *he eagerly leans forward* "Chasey has a travel bed!!!"

He ran around all Friday night asking anyone who would listen "Do you want to see my travel bed?" Several of us obliged and took him upstairs to marvel at it's greatness.

I mock but truly, it was pretty cool. There was no way I felt comfortable enough to put him in a regular size (re: height) bed and he has since outgrown a pack and play. This was a great solution... if he rolls off, no biggie!

Lucky for us he understood that the same rules apply to the travel bed as the home bed... 1. no standing, 2. no jumping, 3. no getting out. Plus he was beat tired... it didn't take him long to fall out either night!

I will have to continue later... I am still tired from our mini-vacation and need sleep!

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dkamfam said...

What an awesome setting! Creek and woods, hot tub, boat on the water. Had it all - and family too!