Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas and the Pioneer Woman

Sing with me... (cue musical note) It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... everywhere you go. (cue musical note)

Yeah yeah... I know. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet. Get off your high horse and cut me some slack.

This might be the most I have looked forward to Christmas since I was a child. We bought Chase's Christmas gift and I absolutely cannot wait for him to open it. I can't wait to revel in the fun that is Christmas morning. Mounds of christmas paper, new toys and family sitting around with hot chocolate.

So Adam and I broke out the holiday bins from storage and started doing some decorating. Usually Adam does this with me kicking and screaming (internally of course) but this year I was a willing participant. Lights on the porch... musical Santa's that I remember from Christmas at my Grandmother's house (she was a collector)... Christmas ornaments from years past.

Yeah, I am definitely in the spirit.

So is Riley... can you tell?

and this kid... he's all about the spirit.

Oddly enough I don't think I was this excited last year or the year before... well to be fair Christmas 07 I was likely still in the throes of postpartum. But even Christmas 08... I wasn't this thrilled. But now that Chase is old enough to really get it and really have fun... yeah, it makes it that much more for me.

On an entirely different note... I am becoming quite the adventurous cook these days. I made my first ever recipe from the Pioneer Woman's website and it came out great! Usually I am so intimidated by her recipes that I read through them for the fun commentary and great pictures but never attempt it on my own.

Not this time... I decided that Sweet Acorn Squash with Rosemary was too good to pass up.

I love acorn squash but I've only ever had it one way... not anymore. This will become a permanent side around our house. Although I will use fresh rosemary next time. I used the dried stuff and it wasn't bad but I think the fresh would have sent it over the edge.

Unfortunately Chase is sick (just a little cold so far) so we will be missing our Thanksgiving shindig tomorrow morning. I hate that we won't be there but it's better for all involved. I don't want Chase to get anymore run down and really be sick for Thanksgiving... and I would hate if he infected one of the kids, or *gasp* one of the babies. Too many vulnerable so we are hunkering down again tomorrow. I foresee lots of playdoh, coloring pencils (thank you Bernice and Cari!), stories and toys in my future.

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Ebeling Family said...

Hope you still had a wonderful Thanksgiving, laying low! Sorry to hear Chase is under the weather :(