Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving goodness

You know what I am thankful for...

my missing puzzle pieces!

Seriously... anyone on FB knows that these 2 pieces have been driving me insane. They are from 2 Melissa and Doug puzzles and I have tried for the past few weeks to get replacement pieces with no luck. Fast forward to Thanksgiving day... Chase dumps a different puzzle in the toy bin at Bamma and Grandpa's... which forces me to sift through all the itty bitty toys in the bin... and like 2 little pieces of gold, there they lie, begging me to pick them up and take them to their rightful home. Ok... that might be a tad melodramatic but seriously, I was so happy to find them!

Speaking of puzzles... after giving Chase a shapes puzzle, played with for the first time on Thanksgiving day, he dumped it on his tray and proceed to put every single piece back in it's place on the first try. The boy is a genius.

Poor little guy still wasn't feeling well so we watched some Thomas the Tank Engine.

And Riley did a good bit of Turkey watching. I can almost guarantee that some turkey 'accidentally' fell to the floor while Joe was carving ;~)

Never to be outdone, Biff was keeping an eye on the turkey carving as well.

We were responsible for dessert this year (BTW, I think we definitely made out on that deal ;~)

Adam made this gorgeous and very yummy apple pie (I did core, peel and slice the apples ;~)

And he also made a pumpkin pie...

that Chase definitely approved of!

It was a great day filled with family, great food and smiles... not too shabby!

I know I said I was thankful for the puzzle pieces and I am... but I am also thankful for so much more. Here's my list for this year:

God who has blessed me so richly and carried me through times of trouble.
My amazing husband
The best son I could have asked for
My In-laws
My Dad and Stacie
Friends who take the time to make me a part of their life
A warm shelter and the ability to pay bills
The ability and drive to be a SAHM
People who take the time to smile back
A mom that loved me more than I ever knew


Evil Twin's Wife said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Great pics!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! LOVE the picture of Riley turkey watching. I msis my dogs! =0)

chocolate hug said...

Wow, that pie looks amazing!

I totally recognize the barn puzzle piece. We have that same animal puzzle. I'm afraid Sam isn't too good at puzzles. I never really enjoyed them much and, like you, I hate all those pieces getting everywhere! So we save puzzles for mommy and sammy play time...that way I can keep track of all the pieces!