Sunday, February 15, 2009

Absent on Valentine's Day

I purposely didn't post on Valentine's Day because Adam and I agreed to ignore it completely... which we did for the most part. No cards, no gifts, no eating out... just a family day enjoying each other's company. I've never been a big Valentine's Day fan anyway and now with trying to save money... cards - waste of paper... gifts - waste of money... eating out - not worth it... flowers - HUGE waste of money. Not to say that I don't like flowers... I do... lots... but you are in the position that we are in... saving for emergency funds and a down payment... flowers that last a week... just to say I love you... not practical. Anyway, have I depressed or angered anyone yet? Sorry... this is just our philosophy... you are entitled to your philosophy ;~)

The one thing we did was make cookies. Spent maybe $5 in total for ingredients, decorations and some tinfoil and we got to express our love for each other.

Here is one of Adam's expressions. Hint: I am the "U" in that statement ;~)

This one was mine...

Using Christmas cookie cutters for Valentine's Day = getting creative with your messages.

I do... I really do heart A G

As it turns out... A hearts J too! Lucky her!

Unfortunately Chase hasn't been sleeping the best this weekend. It's his MO... sleep well for a few days and then destroy mom and dad with a few days of sleeping poorly. Hopefully we are heading back into the sleep well stage. This is what sleeping poorly will get you...

For no reason other than he is grumpy and nothing is to his liking. Fortunately for Chase, he is still cute when he looks like this... it really is what saves him. Seriously, I cannot look at this picture without laughing. I love this kid... grumpybutt and all.

And now a few other pictures of my sweet fun loving boy...

Still loves Dozer!

Lately when we ask for kisses or huggins he runs down the hall and hides at the door for a moment... then comes running back and throws himself at us. Tons of fun for everyone involved.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

The Valentine cookies looked yummy - and fun!

AmyJean said...

How is it that he is still so adorable even when he cries?

Ebeling Family Blog said...

Jon and I are the same way with Valentine's day....but this year our "date night" just happened to fall on the 13th, so we kinda, sorta celebrated.
Oh, and Chase is super cute, even when he's sleeping terribly.
I can't wait for my days like that.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Wow, what a precious kiddo. Youre blog is great.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl