Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Fun

So we spent the evening at our friends house and had a great time.

This is Lexi in one of her favorite hiding spots... moments before sadness happened.

I think very shortly after this Chase decided to close the door (as he likes to do) and Lexi's thumb was caught in the jam. This is all conjecture and Chase is only charged with the alleged crime but I can't imagine what else would have happened. Luckily her thumb seemed to take shape again and the nail (while bruised) seemed be in tact... it was a very scary few moments though ;~( Chase apologized to Lexi (one of his new signs) and I think all was forgiven ;~)

Chase was way too interested in his surroundings to concentrate on eating but...

Lexi loved her mini-burritos!

Adam, Dave and Kari trying to enjoy the 3D effects at halftime... in reality, we couldn't get them off soon enough. IMO... they created more of a headache than anything ;~) Big build up, big disappointment.

This was a gift from Chase to Mr. Dave. If you refer to this post where Chase was caught smooching on his little girl... he thought it only appropriate to apologize and offer to stay 12 inches away from Lexi ;~)

Every notice how now that we have children, all the pictures are of them? They are the cutest!

As for the game... exciting but I thought the Steelers were big bullies and very unsportsmanlike... I would have rather seen the Cardinals win for that reason alone. However, apparently the winner is determined by points, of which the Steelers had more. Oh well, I don't like football anyway ;~)


Johnnie Avocado said...

you guys look funny with your glasses on! You should wear those to work, and then tell your boss "This is so awesome. It totally looks like you are standing right in front of me!"

Jessica Hansen said...

Steelers ALWAYS play mean like that....UGH!! I dislike the Steelers very much! Just my 2 cents! Cute pictures

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

love the ruler...reminds me of Granite...remember that school? they instilled a six inch rule and in chapel...coats could not be touching...;)