Friday, February 06, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #3

This week's challenge is to take UP TO 3 photographs featuring the color RED.

I hope you enjoy!


chocolate hug said...

Don't forget to post a link back to this page on the photo challenge page! You can do it in the comment section of the post announcing the challenge!

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

awesome... you are SO the one with tomatoes and onions!

chocolate hug said...

Hi Jessi!

I hope everything went well on Sat. concerning the purchase of your maybe DSLR! You'll have to let me know how that went!

Okay, on to the photos!

Over all I think it's interesting how you chose to tie all the photos together by leaving red in only a few places in each photo. I also enjoyed how you made sure the red reflected somewhere else so the coloured parts didn't just stick out. Unfortunately I can see your struggle with your camera. It looks like you struggled to achieve the right exposure. It'll be easer with a DSLR.

1.) Although the composition itself is strong I think this picture is really confusing. It took me some time to figure out what it was...the nobby thing at the top which connects to the handles looks like a strange sort of face. A sort of monkey face with huge ears... :)

2.) This one is my favorite of the bunch! It's a beautiful composition with lots of movement, the edge of the pan does a nice job of bringing the eye back into the photo. I like how you chose to emphasize the tomatoes. It makes me wonder what you were planning for dinner! Again I enjoy the little hint of red that you put near the bottom of the can. It helps balance everything out.

3.) I've always been intrigued with taking pictures against blinds...there's so much movement in this picture. The little bit that I can see of the yard adds some mystery to the shot.

Thanks for joining in this week Jessi!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

I love that you took a risk with editing these photos- the little bits of red that you show really tie this group together. I also got the feeling that this was a short story of your life: about your child and caring/feeding for your family.
1. I agree with Diana that this one was a little confusing, but the fact that it was confusing made me study it longer- it looks like a rocking horse of some kind :)
2. This one's my favorite- the composition is really well done, with a repetition of circular shapes throughout. Great job!
3. There is a reminiscent feel to this picture- the forgotten sippy cup, and the huge world beyond. This one definitely evoked a stronger emotion from me than the other two.

Great to see you join in this week- I look forward to seeing your upcoming entries!!

LoveLladro said...

christine - how did I know you would love the one that involved cooking ;~)

diana - i probably didn't struggle as much as you think... it was really just point and shooting with my canon ;~) I really didn't have any control over the exposure... I just tried to be sure there was enough available light to avoid the dreaded flash ;~) and since this challenge was to photograph something red, i just choose the color accent feature... you pick which color you want to show and the camera picks up all tones of that color and fades everything else to black and white ;~) I didn't have any control over what it picked up... just the initial color I selected ;~)

em- yeah, I didn't do any post editing to the pictures... it was all the camera and it was all done internally ;~) I think you did pick up on the family thing... I just looked around to what my life entailed and tried to see art there ;~)