Friday, February 13, 2009

Weekly Photo Challenge #4

This week's theme is Rhythm and Repetition

I had a difficult time with this challenge. It wasn't the challenge's fault... it was more mine. Nothing popped into my head immediately so I kept putting it off... hence the 2 pictures instead of 3. Actually, now (of course), I have more of a theme in my head but it's a little too late... maybe it will come in handy for a future assignment ;~)

I definitely went with more of a repetition theme. Just tried to look around and see the multiples around me. Enjoy!


Bexy said...

I like the warm colors and the browns in both pics - it connects them I think. I always struggle with taking photos from a sideways angle so I really admire these pics!

Ebeling Family Blog said...

these are beautiful!
great exposures- I am guessing you used your new camera :)
I agree with bexy that the browns/natural colors really tie these two photos together. I just really enjoy looking at both- the bottles are my favorite- the depth of field really makes the bottles closest to you "pop"
great job!


chocolate hug said...

Okay...try number 2. I was leaving a comment earlier this morning when Sam somehow flipped the switch on the power strip! So I'm going to try again (no worries, Sam's taking his nap.)

It's exciting to note, that although I know that you are learning many new things about your camera, I can sense that you feel perhaps a bit liberated. There's more confidence with your images too, if that makes any sense!

1.) I really enjoy the warmth of this photo as well as the textures within the wood. Compositionally I think the bottom picture is stronger, but I'm not exactly sure why...perhaps it's because I love things in threes and am bothered that there are only two "X"s. :) I think this you picked a great "subject" to photograph...and the lighting is also very nice.

2.)I had to smile when I first saw this image. It reminded of all the happy days I had behind an espresso bar making delicious drinks for all my customers. I love that I can just make out what some of the labels say. I am intrigued by the concept of using words within a photograph, and how they (words) could possibly change our perception of the image. In this case it's interesting that even if I couldn't read image, I'd probably still be able to figure out what flavors the bottles were!

Lovely photos Jessi!
Happy Valentines day!

chocolate hug said...

Okay, formal apology, I should have proofread my comment... I don't think I got enough sleep last night. :)

Erin Chung said...


I agree with everyone that the warmth is really nice in these. It gives a feeling of home comforts even though neither of these subjects would likely be found in a home....this is interesting. I definitely like the bottles the best. I guess I am a huge organizer, so I love to see anything lined up perfectly on a shelf or something. It gives me a sense of calm. I liked how you framed the shot with the lighter bottles breaking up the darker ones. Well done this week. Thanks for sharing!