Saturday, January 24, 2009

Road Trip

On Friday Chase and I embarked on a major road trip. We packed up the car with all things baby and set out on a 2 hour car ride to visit Aunt Christine and Andrew.

This is about an hour into the trip.

First I would like to point out that Chase is multitasking... while he snacks on Cheerios, he also practices yoga moves.

Second, I would like to give a shout out to the snack trap that he has in this picture. Now the thing isn't perfect... Chase is smart (a blessing and a curse ;~) and he knows how to dump Cheerios everywhere if he so desires. However, if he is hungry and wants to consume the Cheerios... this is the best invention ever. I would like to clarify that I am referring to this munchkin snack trap and not the gerber lil snackin bowl. The latter doesn't work worth a lick in my book.

We made it to Aunt Christine's in just under 1 hour and 40 minutes... not too shabby!

We played for a little while in the living room... Andrew just loved that there was another baby around!

Then came lunch! Aunt Christine made the yummiest soup and Chase helped himself to a rather sizable bowlful.

You may question why Christine has 2 high chairs... she doesn't. Chase's chair is the newest in baby purchases for the G's. A portable high chair! I am often at another mommies house when lunch time rolls around and getting Chase to sit still or God forbid, on my lap is an impossibility. However, whip out a high chair and magically he is fine being away from the toys. Also, we will be replacing our current high chair with this one. So far I love it. It's not as compact as some others but it has nice padding and it reclines (for baby #2)... (and no Amy, I am NOT pregnant... just thinking ahead ;~)

Back to our day.

This is Chase's newest thing.

He wants more than anything to feed himself. He is happiest when I put bite size morsels on his tray and let him do it. If we are eating something where a fork or spoon is necessary, he loves to 'help' mommy and daddy. It's actually pretty cute and not yet too messy. I suspect when we have to let go... yeah, much messier days are in store.

Like most kids his age, after lunch comes the nap... and it is pretty apparent when Chase needs a nap. I brought the pack and play but since Andrew was on a 2 nap schedule, his crib was free at the time Chase was going down... so Chase literally chilled in his crib. I am a dork. Anyway... I do the regular routine for a nap (God bless routines!)... all the while I am thinking there is no way he is going to 1. fall asleep and 2. stay asleep when I lay him in the crib. I'll be darned if he didn't do both of those things. Mind you there is a very active 10 month old just down stairs and Chase still managed to get an hour and 10 minute nap. I was astonished. I have to add that he is normally a 2 hour napper (which I have been loathe to mention on the blog for fear that I may jinx myself ;~) so it wasn't ideal but it was WAY more than I anticipated! YAY for Chase constantly surprising me!

This is post nap for Chase and pre nap for Andrew. Also, does anyone think that Andrew does a hell of a Blue Steel impression?

One final picture of the 4 of us before Chase and I set out on our adventure home! Christine - I miss you so much! Friday was great and we will do it again real soon! Love ya!

On our way home we decided to stop in and see Sylvia and Miss Charlie. Unfortunately my timing stinks and I missed her by 15 minutes ;~( Definitely next time though... definitely!

After that Chase and I headed to daddy's work. Kare Kare is one of the secretaries at the firm and she is just smitten with Chase (who isn't really?). Unfortunately she doesn't get to see Chase that often now that we are in Hagerstown.

Apparently they had a lot of catching up to do and I caught them mid conversation. So much love! Oh... and Kare Kare... Chase gives you a big hug and says he misses you already!

Then it was upstairs to see daddy.

G and G, LLC... yep, sounds good!

Oh yeah, these boys look so good together! I love them so much!

After some visiting the 3 of us packed up and headed home... a caravan of sorts ;~) Chase had his moments on the drive home but for the most part, this is what went on behind me...

I just love listening to his chatting/singing.

It really was a great day. Chase did remarkably well... we may have to do this again ;~)


Laura said...

Adam loved watching the video of "shhase"

Christine said...

loved our time together... will have to do again real time I will come to you! give chase a hug for me :)

SissyKristin said...

Is it just me or is chase starting to look a lot like you?? I love hearing him "singing"!! Totally adorable!

SissyKristin said...'s not just me. :- ) Patrick says his eyes and smile from an earlier post are all you! Keep those pics coming! LOVE seeing this little man!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm jealous Neither of my kids were day nappers after about age 2. But, they both sleep well through the night, so I'll take the trade. Sounds like a fun day!

Sylvia said...

fun filled day! no- your yiming is great- i'm the one that timing stinks! we hate that we missed you. next time for sure!

Johnnie Avocado said...

in that video, it looks like those feet are hands....he's got control....