Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Love...

  • I love that you know how to point to your toes.
  • I love the way you give me a kiss and then give me another 3 or 4 right in a row.
  • I love the way you laugh uncontrollably while being tickled.
  • I love the way you will, for no reason, start shouting or talking... usually shouting.
  • I love the way you intently play with your toys, trying to figure them out and put them together.
  • I love the way you mimic the noises I make.
  • I love the way you give hugs and hold me close.
  • I love the way you throw down your paci's when I come to get you from the crib because you know I will take them from you and leave them in the crib.
  • I love the way you light up when I walk into the room.
  • I love the way you wave your hands and feet when you are extremely excited... usually that involves a favorite food.
  • I love the way you sleep unencumbered at night - arms and legs flopped everywhere! We should all sleep as soundly as you do.
  • I love the way your face crumples when you start to cry... you look cute even through your tears.
  • I love that you eat spanish olives plain, just like mommy!
  • I love the way you have just learned to blow kisses... and how you seem to learn something new every day.
  • I love that the grocery store clerk called you 'the sign language baby'.
  • I love how you help me put lotion on my leg in the morning, stopping by to pat my leg and then move on.
  • I love that you run to the edge of the bed when I get a polly-o string cheese because that is where I sit when we eat it.
  • I love how you burst out laughing for no apparent reason and then stop just as abruptly.
  • I love how you push your golf club back and forth through the apartment over and over and over again.
  • I love how Murray from Sesame Street mesmorizes you... the rest of the show you could care less about but you love Murray and the Word on the Street.
Just some things that I love about you.


AmyJean said...

He is so LOVE-able!

Rose said...

I love your list! It made me teary-eyed. :)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Definitely something to print and put in his baby book. Jaime

Carrie and Scott said...

We do the paci thing too...only in the crib...and he throws it down for me when I pick him cute!!!

asuthrngrl said...

Oh honey, do you have to be so beautifully eloquent? I check your blog every morning and it is too early for the tears in my eyes! Now you are experiencing what you sort of did with Sammy years ago, even tho she wasn't yours! I am so glad you are.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Wait....we you talking to me?