Saturday, September 13, 2008

New (to us) car!

Wow... today went off without a hitch! I have never felt so comfortable or sure about buying a car... which if you know our history with cars, says a lot.

We left at 6 am so we would arrive at 9. Chase did amazing on the ride up... he had breakfast in the car... played with some toys... ate some puffs... drank some water... played with some more toys and eventually fell asleep, 15 minutes before we pulled up at the sellers house! 15 minutes are better than nothing!

The whole process took 45 minutes tops... we even had a nice leisurely walk to the title office.

Here we are almost the proud new owners!

That's it... it's ours! It's a 2005 Ford Focus with 32,ooo miles. Manual transmission, sunroof, premium sound... it's fantastic!

We checked out a local farmers market looking for lunch... what we found was Elcy's. I would pay good money (that I don't have) for Lisa and Michele to open this restaurant in Hagerstown! It was fantastic... fabulous ambiance, delicious food, lovely staff... the whole experience was awesome! I highly recomend stopping in if you are ever in the area! For those of you that know... it was like One World but 5 times better... even in OW's heyday!

Grandma doing her job... loving on Chase!

This is the sign to look for... seriously, stop in if you can!

The ride home was pretty good... we were all tired but it went by quick enough. Chase almost made it the whole way without crying but about 30 minutes away from home... extreme meltdown. In attempts to make him happy, Grandma and I sang his favorite song...
"Chase Harper G*********dinger Smith
His name is my name too.
Whenever we go out
The people always shout
Chase Harper G*********dinger Smith"

Think the song "John Jacob Jinglehiemer Smith" if you want the tune ;~)

We sang it over and over and over again... it worked though. Most of the time we were singing, he was quiet and listening.

It really was a great day... I am going to end it by lovingly peeking in on my sleeping baby, kissing the husband and pushing the curtain back to get one more glimpse of the new car.


chocolate hug said...

So happy you guys go the car you want! We love our Ford Focus...but don't have the hatch back..probably would have more room, but two years old and only 3,000 miles was too good to pass up!

Sam's favorite right now is the "A B C" song. It's good to have those little tricks up your sleeve!

Congrats again!

KiKi said...

thats funny that he likes that song for some reason every time I here about that song I get it stuck in my head audrey really loves the baby beluga song right now

Michelle said...

Love your new car!! That is so awesome that you were able to pay for it in cash. One day, I hope we are able to do the same!

kathi said...

YAY!!! Blessed, blessed, blessed you are!