Friday, September 19, 2008

For your viewing pleasure!

Proof that it is hard being a baby...

... and that victory is sweet!

Just one of the many reasons why this is all worth it!

I can't get enough of these kisses!


KaraB said...

I'm stealing him.

kathi said...

I remember those open mouth kisses; nearly cried remembering because I hadn't realized I'd forgotten.

Matthew and Lynsey said...

Hey...wanted to get back to your comment :)

I'm sure your little guy keeps you so busy, so I didn't want to bother you again once I left the original comment, but when I read your post about not meeting many people yet, I wanted to remind you that you're 30 mins. away from a group similar to what you guys had around Annapolis. Di let me know you guys were moving close by us a while ago, so that's why I left that original comment.

Anyway...on Thursdays,the moms of the group usually have their spouses home by then (7:00) so the hubs usually watch their kids. There are 3 moms of that group who have husbands that sometimes can't be home by then, so they either don't come on those Thursdays or get their families to watch the kids for an hour-&-a -half or so while we meet.

On Sundays (now it's been a while since we've been able to this since a lot of us have been away during the summer) we usually rotate between 2 schedules...always starting around 5:00 & ending around 7:00. One Sunday we'll have a Bible Study @ a house of a couple who has kids & a playroom, so we can have the Bible Study in a different room. The next Sunday we have a Fellowship Night @ a couple's house who doesn't have kids (our group is half w/ kids, half w/o) & the kids can either run around while we hang out or watch a movie in another room. We've found it's too hard to have an actual study each week for the families w/ kids, so this schedule has worked for now.

Whew! Feel free to get my cell # from Di if you want more details or anything :)