Friday, September 12, 2008

Cars, they are a changin'

We sold the Honda Wednesday morning! A young guy and his girlfriend rode off without caring about having a car seat in the back of a coupe. It really is a great car and it suits their lifestyle perfectly! For us... a nice 5 door car will suit our needs. It will allow us to tool around in a fuel efficient car instead of our Jeep... saving precious gas mileage. Not to mention the fact that Adam drives an hour and a half to work each way 4 days a week. That adds up!

We had the car sold by noon and we set off to find our dream car. We had 3 stops. The first... looked GREAT on paper... in person, it looked like a skateboarder did tricks and flips off of it. Dents and dings all over the place. We aren't talking normal wear and tear... that we were expecting. These were digs in the paint, mass scratches over the whole bumper, places where it looked like they applied putty and used after market touch up paint... and it smelled on the inside. Anyway, I digress... it was ick.

Next stop... the one we are extremely interested in. Mr. Schmoozer says 'Its on the other lot... let's hop in a car and I will take you'. Mind you I was holding Chase... my 11 month old, obviously needs a car seat, precious baby. 'Uhhh, he needs a car seat'. He responds 'Don't you have a car seat?' My inner voice wanted to say 'Uhhh, Tool. We aren't pulling our 40 lb, latch secured monstrosity of a car seat out because you can't advertise your car on the correct lot.' What Adam said was 'She and Chase will wait here.' (Which was fine because I had to nurse Chase anyway). Off they went to the other lot.... a 15 minute highway drive away. They get there... Schmoozer abstractly points to the corner of the lot... 'it's over there... wait, what car were you interested in?'. 'maroon ford focus ZX5'... 'hold on, yeah, that one sold 3 days ago'. Normally Adam would have come back with a nice retort but on the drive over, Adam found that Schmoozer was certifiably crazy and Adam wasn't interested in getting on this guys bad side. They drive back and Adam hurries Chase and I away before my mouth gets us in trouble.

We called the third place it had already been sold.

Home we go... defeated and without a car.

We decided to take the approach that God did not want us to have any of these cars... there is something better out there for us and we just need to be patient. Literally the words 'patience has served us well in the past' came out in conversation. Heck, we had the Honda listed for 3 months and it eventually sold for the price we wanted!

Back at home Adam starts surfing around again for the very specific car that we want to buy. Ford Focus ZX5, manual... the mileage has to be decent and the price has to be right. We refuse to even be tempted to go out of pocket to buy this car. He stumbles across someone in Philly selling his silver Ford Focus ZX5... it's manual and it only has 32K miles... price isn't bad.... we offer him X and he comes back with Y... we are sold. We can be there on Sat to buy it.... slight catch there is someone coming to look at it within the next 10 min (she made the appointment before we were in the picture). If she doesn't bite then he will hold it for us on Sat. Adam hangs up and we put it in God's hands. He calls back and says they couldn't agree on a price! YAY for us! So road trip for us tomorrow! Adam, Chase, Sandy and I are all driving 3 hours to do the deal and bring our new car home! I am so excited and have never felt so right about buying a car!

Pictures forthcoming!


KaraB said...

Yay!!!! I try to subscribe to "it all happens for a reason" and most of the time it works (I'm still trying to figure out the "reason" that I knocked over a bottle this morning and formula dumped all over Claire's head).

This was meant to be!!! And you'll be so used to driving the Focus, that driving the rental Focus in Florida will be second nature!!! (thank you, thank you, thank you, because I hate driving).

Can't wait to see pics!!

Jenn said...

Isn't it great how God works things out?

By the do you like Chase's car seat? We're going to need a new one for our little 20 pounder pretty soon and I have no idea what to get.

The Townleys said...

Congrats you guys! I can't wait to see pictures