Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just in time...

Apparently we moved just in time. This past week we have discovered that both cars need oil changes. No biggies, that's regular routine maintenance. Then on Labor Day, we found out that our passenger window in the Jeep is protesting the up and down motion... re: the regulator broke and needs to be replaced... YAY! Fixing it isn't in the budget just yet so my window is currently being held up by every rednecks favorite tool... duct tape! Oh well, at least I can drive my own car... except that the check engine light came on so currently my Jeep is in the shop for diagnostics. Fingers crossed and prayers said that they don't come back with anything too $$.

Luckily my MIL is a very giving person... she is letting me borrow her car to run an errand and take Chase to gym class! I can't wait for Chase's first official class! This kicks off 20 weeks of class... I think he is really going to love it!

I am working on a post with pictures of our new place... stay tuned, it will be a doozy!

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AmyJean said...

OMIGOSH! Last night, Lar was driving home. We pull into the garage. I push the up button of his window, we here a big click/bang sound. and the window BREAKS (wont roll up or down, but continues to slide down)!!!! And wouldn't you know... grand jeep cherokee! Apparently its common in jeeps is what the guy told us. (that pop we heard was a plastic clip that holds the glass in place. it will be 90 dollars - exact words from chat). That's so bizarre, that it happened to BOTH Of us!

Good luck doll!