Friday, March 07, 2008

Bottle Feeding

Adam and I have been working on getting Chase to take a bottle easier... when he is with daddy or if we ever go out on a date, he needs to be able to bottle feed without making the person want to tear their hair out. So we decided to try tonight while we were having game night with Laura, Rob and Danielle. Yeah, not so much. He was Senior Angrypants. No way no how, not having the bottle.

After everyone left (they claimed tiredness but a cranky baby probably helped ;~) we decided to scratch the milk we had warmed and start over with a fresher batch. What ended up happening is Adam and I standing in the middle of our living room bouncing back and forth in sync. Adam had Chase in one arm and the ipod touch in the other... why you ask. He was singing Phish songs (lyrics are on the ipod) to our child. Don't judge me, Chase likes it and it works! I was holding the bottle with one hand and holding his arms down with the other. We stood there bouncing back and forth to Adam's renditions of Phish for about 15 minutes while Chase sucked down 4 ozs. of milk. Comic parent hilarity.

Tomorrow is another mommy day out so all Adam has to do is grow 2 more arms and all is well ;~)


chocolate hug said...

I've been trying to switch Sam to a sippie cup, which is proving to be just about as difficult as the bottle thing. I have found, however, that he's more likely to take it first thing in the morning when he's REALLY REALLY hungry. If you haven't tried that yet, give it a go!

LoveLladro said...

ch - i will keep that in mind. he did pretty well with daddy on sat so hopefully he is getting the hang of it ;~)