Tuesday, March 11, 2008

4 month appointment

Chase had his 4 month appointment yesterday! This meant measurements, weighing and gasp... shots! He was fine with the first 2 but none to pleased with the last one. Which in actuality is 4... yep, four shots on little mans very sweet and unblemished thighs ;~( Very very sad stuff!

I am happy to report that Chase is a healthy 17 lbs and 15 ozs which is in the 95th percentile for weight. He is 27 inches long which is off the charts for a 4 month old... Dr. Kim said he is about the length of a 6-9 month'er... which I could have told you because the clothes we put him in are all 6-9 months or 6-12months. He's got the genes for height, that's for sure!

Dr. Kim was tickled with Chase's 'tripoding'... so of course I took a picture to show off to everyone!

The shirt says "Growth Opportunity" and it has a chart with a growth line on it... very cute stuff and very apropo for him.

We have been going through some sleeping troubles lately... the 45 minute monster has been rearing its ugly head for the past few (tiring) weeks. This is where he gets up 45 minutes into any nap he is taking. Like clockwork this happens. I thought at first that must just be the amount of sleep he needs... nope, not at all. He was SO crabby in between his naps that it was evident he needed more sleep. So after lots of failed attempts and creative measures, I managed to get him back to sleep... sometimes... with fingers crossed. I soon discovered that morning naps are where the real sleep is necessary... that nap tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. I also had to throw out precious accomplishments that we had already achieved, such as falling asleep on his own in the crib and not picking him up to sooth him. I learned that sometimes a minor setback is worth the gain of a major victory (actually, credit where credit is due, Adam taught me that!). Come to find out... the 45 minute monster (as well as the monster that has woken up at 3am to nurse a couple times) is likely due to teething! Gack... my little boy is growing up! Don't run out and get the toothbrush just yet... it's only started and Dr. Kim says it could be months before we actually see it surface... but she can definitely see the bud! She suggested using baby tylenol as needed (and as directed of course) to help sooth him. That definitely seems to work because the sleeping has worked itself out a bit... I can generally get him back down without picking him up and he is back to falling asleep on his own!

Dr. Kim also says it's time to start solids... again, put away the prime rib... we are starting off with some yummy rice cereal! No doubt it will be interesting the first time around so I foresee a video ;~)


Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again. That Chase is so cute I can hardly stand it! Loved the "tripoding"!! Vicki

chocolate hug said...

Jess...I didn't know this about feeding babies before I started with Sam, so here's a little advice from the field. It's hard to know what to give your baby and when because the books are pretty non specific...for a reason. Each baby is totally different. Some gobble up food at four months and some don't care for it till they're a year. No fear, a baby can be on mostly milk the first year. So if Chase just doesn't seem interested in cereal after the first week, give it another week. It's hard to know when to give them solid food too (the books give a general and loose guide to the specific foods, it's a good starting point) I learned what to do from my sister in law...try rice crispies or something that is small and will desolve, if your little guy isn't ready yet do the week thing again. They grow so fast, it's amazing! I made the mistake of waiting a month before trying again. Poor Sam was more than ready to eat solid food! I was just too scared!

Blessings as you and Chase explore the joys of feeding baby.


Michelle said...

What an adorable picture!! Teething can certainly be a "trying" time for everyone involved, so here's hoping that the Tylenol does it's job. :)

It's so fun when the first start eating, but be sure to put a bib on him and you because if can become quite messy...especially when they learn how to make spitty raspberries.

kathi said...

Is he honestly sitting up all by himself already? Where is the time going? He can't be sitting up by himself yet, can he?

Ahhhh, teething. So sorry, hon, but it's a right of passage. Children's Tylenol and ice their pacifiers. And I don't remember when my kids started eating food, but I remember Charlie pulling my glass to him at about 6 mos and after that, he'd never take the bottle or the breast again. Stubborn little snot, lol.