Monday, July 30, 2007

Painting the nursery!

This weekend was filled with all things home improvement! Adam and I went to Lowes to pick out paint on Friday night. We were hoping and praying to get someone that was interested in helping direct us in the right way... do we need to prime?, what finish is good?, based on the square footage, how much paint do we need? These are all things that we are clueless about and we desperately wanted someone that had a clue... enter Lowes.... and the gum cracking woman behind the counter. Adam tells her how much space we are painting and what she thinks would be a good amount, gallon, half gallon, 10 gallons.... whatever, just give us an idea. I swear what I got back was the blankest stare and 'I don't know, you lost me'... if only lady, if only. We attempt a few more questions but she is literally just trying to hear how much we want and of what color... she has no interest in answering a single question we have. Then she informs us that some guys will be here at 6 if we want to wait for them. It's 5:15 and I can't think of anything I would rather be doing on a Friday night then hanging around Lowes in the hope that 'some guys' will be able to answer our questions better than miss 'givemeapaycheckandletmegohome'.... Adam looks and her and as politely as he can muster says 'thank you that would be great', then turns to me and says, lets try Home Depot. I have reservations because I fear that we will be met with the same incompetence but I don't have a better idea so off we go!

After an agonizing re-choosing of colors (note: Lowes and Home Depot do NOT sell the same paint brands which means a full fledged startover when you switch... FYI) we are ready to talk to someone. Enter the kind of curmudgeon-y, accent filled grandpa that you love. Yeah, he was pretty much the awesome. Answered all our questions, directed us to the brands that he swears by and even asking about Peabert! Thank the Lord! We actually felt like we had direction! So $120 later we head out with all we need to give Peabert a great nursery!

Oh and BTW - for anyone that I told we were painting the nursery sage on the bottom and white on the top, I lied. We couldn't find a sage to save our lives... this one is too gray, this one is too green, this one is too olive... ironically we found dark sage and light sage (of which both were awful) but never did find just sage... stupid naming of colors. Anyway, we went back to an original idea about a light blue on the top and a darker blue on the bottom (coincidentally similar to a certain neighbor of ours.... ;~)

So here are some pictures of our adventures!

This is the before picture... it's a little hard to see but the room was Christmas green... not pretty at all! Adam and I have hated it since day one.

We are awesome people to help paint, we taped the room the night before and got everything ready so we could just start Saturday morning.

Adam did the high stuff, we all know my un-coordination during pregnancy!

Even Riley got into the act...

Adam painting the top half... we were worried that it was too lavender as we were painting it on but when it dried it was a nice shade of light blue!

Heather, our awesome neighbor who gave up a Saturday to help us out and boy was she a help! Seriously, it went SO much faster since she was there!

I helped paint for a little while until the rolling started and then the smell was too much for me... I went out to the deck to do more power-washing... Adam got this nice artistic shot of Heather working inside and me working outside.

I did come back in and do a little more trim work...

Here is the finished product! This is actually probably the corner the crib will go in but until that comes in (yep, we ordered it!) it is the big bears space!

And the view from where the crib will be.... yeah, we ended up very happy with the colors (I was REALLY worried about the lavender affect we had going initially)

Oh and of course, paint ended up on the carpet... how is that not going to happen, right?? So our awesome neighbor jumps up and says 'aerosol hairspray'... k, what? apparently her mother taught her a trick about getting hard to remove stains out of fabric by using aerosol hairspray, maybe it will work here... she got the hairspray... worked on it for a few and what do you know, no more paint stain! Heather, you are the awesome! I am trying that trick on a couple 'unremovable stains' elsewhere in the house!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

99 days

The countdown to Peaberts arrival is officially in the double digits!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do you want the good or the bad news...

I guess I am making the decision so here goes... I choose to tell the bad news first.

So... you all know that my dad spent some time in the hospital a couple weeks ago and has been getting tested ever since to try to figure out what happened. He has his diagnosis... he has
Multiple Sclerosis. Not the happiest news in the world but at least he has a name and starting point. I have very few details (and so does he) on how his treatment will actually go. He has an appointment with a specialist in a couple weeks and they want him to wait on treatment so they get an accurate reading of his disease. Looking back dad remembers an episode that occurred just as he and my mom were moving into the house where his legs were very numb and tingly and his energy levels were nil... he told the doctor and he seemed pretty certain that was a symptom. That was 8 years ago so at the very least we know he can go 8 years without experiencing many symptoms. As far as emotionally, dad is doing well (or at least that is what he will have me believe). He is very positive about the situation and more focused on doing what he can to fix/maintain/treat the disease. Stacie has been very supportive... coming home early from a trip so she can take care of him. I am doing my best to keep the attitude that I have worked on since the year after my moms death... God is in control and there is no reason for me to blame, hate or whine about the situation. Don't get me wrong, I cried after I got off the phone with dad (come on dad, you knew that would happen ;~) and I have made the sarcastic comment or 2 about how many more people in my immediate family are going to be stricken with disease.... but I have decided to stop.... at least the sarcastic comments. I don't want to tempt fate with that one. As for the crying... I will do that when I want (can't stop me dad!) but I won't dwell in it. I cry and I am done. Life is about living and although I could whine that my life sucks because my parents have had these troubles, the truth is, we all have troubles and there is nothing special about me that means stuff like this shouldn't befall our family. The only thing we can do is live life to the fullest and enjoy what we have.

Which leads me to the good news... Dad was offered a job at Google. That's right folks... my dad is the coolest dad ever and is going to work for what could be the coolest company in the world! He has been interviewing for at least the past month, if not more. He started with 2 phone interviews and then went out to Mountain View, CA for a face to face interview. 4 hours with 4 different people... and they drilled him. It sounded like no interview I would want to be going through but naturally dad wow'd them and they called him mid to late last week and offered him a job package. Now let me interject here a few stats that I learned along his journey to Google. They receive approximately 10,000 resumes a day... yes, a day! The HR woman said she makes about 1 job offer per week. So theoretically we are dealing with a 70,000 to 1 shot... but what makes this even better, dad was recruited. Yeah, they came looking for him... they found him on Linkedin (the myspace of the sophisticated networking world) and asked him to interview. So not only does my dad beat out those other people, he did it without trying. Yeah, I am going to use my bragging rights all over the place here!
He will be packing up and moving to to the heart of Silicon Valley sometime around mid September. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so excited for him (and Stacie!). It really is a well deserved opportunity!

So congrats dad and lookout Google!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weekend

If I didn't think my mother-in-law was excited about Peabert before... I certainly do now! When Adam and I got to Htown this weekend we were greeted by Sandy who was more than excited to show us the work she has done on the adjoining apartment (which Sandy has named the Cottage Hideaway). This used to be Grammy's house and it has a bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom... perfect for Adam and I when we come up for the weekends! So we walk into the house and already the walls are looking better. She has painted a lot so far and really cleaned the place up! Upon further inspection we see a bouncy chair and a swing in the living space and as we turn the corner there is a full crib decorated to the hilt! She went out and actually bought a crib to make our lives easier when we come up (and to encourage us to come up I am sure ). It was the sweetest gesture and will make our lives that much easier when we travel back and forth. We even went out and bought toiletries so we don't have to bring as much personally!

Here are a few pictures from the Cottage Hideaway in Htown!

Sandy and Adam posing with the crib... you can't tell but the outfit by Adam is the most adorable and comfortable running suit for a 0-3 month old! I cannot wait to put Peabert in it!

This is Adam and I's cozy part of the Cottage Hideaway! It's like our own bed and breakfast!

I just had to throw this in (for you Kathi!) We stopped by Sandy's nephews' house for his daughters birthday party and we caught sight of this when we walked in.

The best part... these 2 aren't even related... the kitty is just a new addition to the family and has taken a particular liking to this cat!

Monday, July 16, 2007

For those that love the LOL cats (Kathi!)

My husband made this for me...

He is so fun! I love you sweetie!

Habitat and Powerwashing

Seth (bible study leader) thought it would be a good idea if our group got out and started doing some service projects... so on Saturday a few of us got together to help Habitat for Humanity. Seth goes to Habitat just about every Saturday so it was only natural that this was the first service project we did. It was definitely hard work (on the others, I took it somewhat light ;~) but we had a good time! Here are a few pictures from our day...

Adam getting down and dirty with construction!

Adam and I outside the door of the house we were working on.

Sam and Mary on lunch break

Seth and Victoria

Victoria and Mary with the window that they just removed from the space behind them!

Brian and Nicole

The girls on lunch break!

After Habitat Adam and I worked on powerwashing our deck and fence. I have to say, powerwashing should NOT be that much fun! Adam and I were having a grand time watching all that built up grime be blown out of the wood! We are such little kids too... we have to take turns with the machine because we both like it so much! Here are a few pics... (yeah, we take pictures of everything!)

Adam really attacking the dirt... scary face and all!

Blasting the fence door!

Seriously... it was amazing to see what came off of the wood and how clean and nice it could look!

And while we were working hard on cleaning, this was what Riley was doing... could this dog be any happier?

All in all, it was a great productive weekend. Dad is feeling better day by day so hopefully this will just pass and all the fright will be for nothing! Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayer!

Oh... Kathi - This is the CPAP machine that Adam has... he was diagnosed with sleep apnea a few weeks ago... we learned that he would wake up approximately 113 times a night and had 0 REM sleep... so basically for the last few years he has not been getting any solid sleep. The machine blows pressurized air into the mask and through the airway to keep it open (constant positive air pressure) which allows the wearer to actually enter REM sleep. Adam has talked to several people lately that say this machine changed their life... that you only think you are sleeping before but after getting the machine, then you are really sleeping. We are excited to see the benefits of the machine... already he is more peppy and lively in the morning (which is SO not the norm!) Stay tuned for tales of more benefits!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


No real conclusive news on my dad yet... he is still waiting on some test results. So far he's had a CAT Scan, MRI and Spinal Tap just to name a few of the big ones, not to mention the countless quickie tests while in the hospital. They discharged him Wed night and he has been trying to relax at home... he still doesn't feel well and it comes and goes. The great irony of the situation is that he is close to being offered a new job that without the present medical circumstances would have been an easier decision. He has some internal back and forth on top of the medical issues. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it! Please keep it up.

Adam and I have spent most of this week worrying about dad (dad - it was bound to happen, you can't stop the nature of a mom). We are hoping to relax tonight and work on a special project for a friend of ours. I also have tons of laundry that is piling up... oh the glorious work of life. Summer vaca what?? Ehh, who am I kidding, I love it.

On the baby front... Peabert moves a lot now... It's the weirdest and coolest feeling ever. I am just past 24 weeks so only 16 more to go!

Oh and in a stroke of good luck (God really but the saying is good luck... ) someone is coming out today to help Adam pick out a CPAP machine... he will be able to start tonight which is way sooner than we thought! Also, it is covered under our insurance! We are very excited about this.... Adam is so tired of always being tired! I just hope we adjust soon and the effects take a hold even sooner!

And remember Rose from a few posts ago (grilling S'mores)... she has an interview at today! Fingers crossed! I would LOVE for her to work with me!

Good times in the G household! Thanks again for all your prayers and support! It is much needed and appreciated!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The happs with my dad

My dad has been in the hospital since Sunday afternoon. He got back from CA (from a very cool job interview) and was feeling extremely light headed and had pretty distinct double vision. His doctor advised him to check himself into the hospital via emergency room so that's what he did. He has had a CAT Scan which has come back with no problems and he had an MRI last night which should be read sometime today. There are a a few possibilities on what could be going on but none sound that great.

Please keep him in your prayers today.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Paying Attention

So, you know what happens when you don't pay attention? You spend a lot of money that you shouldn't have...

Adam and I went out to eat on the fourth of July with his family and friends... we went to the ESPN Zone in Baltimore. Yeah, when you don't pay attention to what you are ordering you end up with a $71 bill for the 2 of you... and the worst part, it wasn't even that good. Adam ate half of his black and blue burger which is so not like him and I easily could have eaten his side salad which we thought we were substituting for fries but somehow ended up with the fries and being charged for the side salad that did not get eaten... plus the waitress nicely brought me a refill of sprite before I even asked for it and when we read the bill, she charged me for it.

Even not smarter... getting a dessert when you know you don't want or need it. I got a Zone banana split and ended up eating this crepe cookie thing and the fruit... completely forgetting that I hate vanilla ice cream. Huge waste of food which costs an arm and a leg.

Had I been paying attention to the bill I would have complained about the side salad charge and the extra drink charge but alas, there was too much confusion (4 very anxious to leave kids at the table and super mom in training was trying to occupy them) so we spend $71... ugh... on top of the $15 for parking... and the $40 in gas on the way there... my head hurts... this was supposed to be a cheap way to spend the holiday!

You know what that equates to in my head now... $71 + $15 + $3 (gas that it took to get to B-more) = $89... which translates in my head to... 261 newborn diapers which at approximately 14 changes a day = 18 days or almost 3 weeks of diapers!! Blasted ESPN Zone!

I am seriously considering using cloth diapers.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ava Grace

Heather and I went to see Kristen and Ava Grace this past Sunday and let me tell you... man that little girl is gorgeous... just like a little doll! And Kristen! Wow, she looks amazing... one of those women that motherhood totally agrees with! So content and happy with her little bundle!

Here are a few pictures... (I may have taken up to +40 of them so count your blessings I only posted 4 ;~)

Ava and I (I am introducing her to Peabert very early on!)

Heather and Ava in the backyard...

Kristen enjoying some smiles from Ava (we will pretend they are intentional even though they are probably gas ;~)

And here is the little princess with her big brother, Olie in the background keeping a watchful eye.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Last nights festivities

Adam and I had dinner at Rose and Nick's last night...
they just bought a great house northeast of Baltimore and are settling into home ownership (look at us becoming adults!)

It's amazing to look at Rose and I and see the growth we have both experienced over the past 8 years... houses, kids... crazy!

Anyway, for dessert we decided to grill S'mores (which I will preface by saying, has been done before... successfully).

This is Adam with his S'more ready to go on the grill...

And Nick placing them on the grill...

At this point Nick is trying to control the back right S'more which happens to be sliding off its base into the grill...

And then the carnage happened... apparently the flame was a little too hot and it burnt the cracker too quickly...

Amazingly they were still edible.... albeit with a fork and VERY messy fingers! Easily the most entertaining S'more eating I have ever experienced...

Adam did figure out the perfect balance of grilling the cracker with chocolate while simultaneously skewering the marshmallows... let the marshmallows burst into flame, blow them out, take the cracker/chocolate off the grill and combine. Adam said this was the most successful S'more he had ever had.