Thursday, July 12, 2007


No real conclusive news on my dad yet... he is still waiting on some test results. So far he's had a CAT Scan, MRI and Spinal Tap just to name a few of the big ones, not to mention the countless quickie tests while in the hospital. They discharged him Wed night and he has been trying to relax at home... he still doesn't feel well and it comes and goes. The great irony of the situation is that he is close to being offered a new job that without the present medical circumstances would have been an easier decision. He has some internal back and forth on top of the medical issues. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We really appreciate it! Please keep it up.

Adam and I have spent most of this week worrying about dad (dad - it was bound to happen, you can't stop the nature of a mom). We are hoping to relax tonight and work on a special project for a friend of ours. I also have tons of laundry that is piling up... oh the glorious work of life. Summer vaca what?? Ehh, who am I kidding, I love it.

On the baby front... Peabert moves a lot now... It's the weirdest and coolest feeling ever. I am just past 24 weeks so only 16 more to go!

Oh and in a stroke of good luck (God really but the saying is good luck... ) someone is coming out today to help Adam pick out a CPAP machine... he will be able to start tonight which is way sooner than we thought! Also, it is covered under our insurance! We are very excited about this.... Adam is so tired of always being tired! I just hope we adjust soon and the effects take a hold even sooner!

And remember Rose from a few posts ago (grilling S'mores)... she has an interview at today! Fingers crossed! I would LOVE for her to work with me!

Good times in the G household! Thanks again for all your prayers and support! It is much needed and appreciated!


kathi said...

Whats a CPAP machine?

I'm praying for your dad, I know it's got to be hard for him not knowing what's wrong.

I remember when the babies would start moving, seeing the hands, feet, elbows sticking out and taking a trip across the belly. Soooo cool! Loved every minute of it!

That would be great if your friend got to work with you! So glad life is good for y'all, makes me very happy!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the update on your dad. We share your concern and will keep praying. Love, B&V

the neighbors said...

Hows the CPAP working out?! I can't beleive we're next door and didn't know you had it already!