Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do you want the good or the bad news...

I guess I am making the decision so here goes... I choose to tell the bad news first.

So... you all know that my dad spent some time in the hospital a couple weeks ago and has been getting tested ever since to try to figure out what happened. He has his diagnosis... he has
Multiple Sclerosis. Not the happiest news in the world but at least he has a name and starting point. I have very few details (and so does he) on how his treatment will actually go. He has an appointment with a specialist in a couple weeks and they want him to wait on treatment so they get an accurate reading of his disease. Looking back dad remembers an episode that occurred just as he and my mom were moving into the house where his legs were very numb and tingly and his energy levels were nil... he told the doctor and he seemed pretty certain that was a symptom. That was 8 years ago so at the very least we know he can go 8 years without experiencing many symptoms. As far as emotionally, dad is doing well (or at least that is what he will have me believe). He is very positive about the situation and more focused on doing what he can to fix/maintain/treat the disease. Stacie has been very supportive... coming home early from a trip so she can take care of him. I am doing my best to keep the attitude that I have worked on since the year after my moms death... God is in control and there is no reason for me to blame, hate or whine about the situation. Don't get me wrong, I cried after I got off the phone with dad (come on dad, you knew that would happen ;~) and I have made the sarcastic comment or 2 about how many more people in my immediate family are going to be stricken with disease.... but I have decided to stop.... at least the sarcastic comments. I don't want to tempt fate with that one. As for the crying... I will do that when I want (can't stop me dad!) but I won't dwell in it. I cry and I am done. Life is about living and although I could whine that my life sucks because my parents have had these troubles, the truth is, we all have troubles and there is nothing special about me that means stuff like this shouldn't befall our family. The only thing we can do is live life to the fullest and enjoy what we have.

Which leads me to the good news... Dad was offered a job at Google. That's right folks... my dad is the coolest dad ever and is going to work for what could be the coolest company in the world! He has been interviewing for at least the past month, if not more. He started with 2 phone interviews and then went out to Mountain View, CA for a face to face interview. 4 hours with 4 different people... and they drilled him. It sounded like no interview I would want to be going through but naturally dad wow'd them and they called him mid to late last week and offered him a job package. Now let me interject here a few stats that I learned along his journey to Google. They receive approximately 10,000 resumes a day... yes, a day! The HR woman said she makes about 1 job offer per week. So theoretically we are dealing with a 70,000 to 1 shot... but what makes this even better, dad was recruited. Yeah, they came looking for him... they found him on Linkedin (the myspace of the sophisticated networking world) and asked him to interview. So not only does my dad beat out those other people, he did it without trying. Yeah, I am going to use my bragging rights all over the place here!
He will be packing up and moving to to the heart of Silicon Valley sometime around mid September. It truly is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so excited for him (and Stacie!). It really is a well deserved opportunity!

So congrats dad and lookout Google!


Michelle said...

WOW!!! Your dad is just taking you on an emotional roller coaster right now isn't he?!! :)

I am sorry to hear about his diagnosis and know that this must really suck for him, but at least they found out what was going on and it isn't some mystery disease. I know that there are a lot of new treatments for MS because my cousin was DX with it many years ago, and has had some new treatments offered to her throughout her battle.

What an amazing job opportunity indeed!!! I saw a special on Google a few months ago on one of the major networks and it looked like an awesome place to work. And just like you said that talked about how they are inundated with applications every week because of how cool of a place it is to work. So your dad must be cooler than cool for them to come looking for him.

I know that this must be a bittersweet time for you though, so just keep your head up!! Sorry for the novel here!! :)

kathi said...

Babe, I'm so sorry about your dad, and I'm so happy for your dad. Geeze, what wild ride for him and his family, huh?

Like sweet michelle said, they come up with new treatments every day and I'm still praying for your dads health, because what man can't do is where God begins.

I'm so excited for the job for him. How absolutely cool is that?? And to put the cherry on top for him, his daughter is as happy and excited for him as he must be. Wow, he must be one awesome guy for Google to step over all the applications and find him on their own. What's he going to be doing for them? Where is it he's moving from?
I'm so excited for his new beginning, I have no doubt he's up for the challenges life has set before him.

kathi said...

Oh, oh, oh!!! I LOVE the new picture!! You are so showing and peabert looks sooooo good on you!!

Paul Franceus said...


I'm sure this is hard for you but realize that even if this progresses badly (and I hope it doesn't) It's not fatal. So I'll be around for a long long time. I'm so happy that you are excited for me. That made the decision so much easier for me.


Thanks for the well wishes. Right now I'm not feeling great, but I'm doing pretty well. Hopefully they will soon start giving me some treatment and I'll feel much better. From what the doctors have been able to tell, it's a very mild case. There's nothing like this to make you really want to live life to the fullest for each day. I suggest that no one wait for something to happen for them to go there.

As far as Google. I feel pretty lucky to have made it through their hiring process and am excited to start there at the end of September. Wish me luck.


kathi said...

Thanks for sharing, Paul. This was a great treat. Btw, we love your daughter!

LoveLladro said...

michelle - thanks for your novel, i loved it! thanks for your prayers and praise!

kathi - thanks for your well wishes for my dad, we are all really excited for him! and thanks for the compliments on me and Peabert... i tend to think pregnancy suits me as well! i am loving it!

dad - you better be around for a long time, that is just about how long i will need you! i am so excited for you... this is truly the opportunity of a lifetime!

kathi - btw - i love you guys!

Rose said...

I read everything there is to read about MS and it seems like there are a lot of mild cases, thank goodness.
I'm so excited about Paul's new Google job. Are you guys having a going away party? I would love to see Paul before he moves away. Your family, afterall, has been so wonderul to me and given me some of the best Thanksgivings ever!