Monday, July 23, 2007

The Weekend

If I didn't think my mother-in-law was excited about Peabert before... I certainly do now! When Adam and I got to Htown this weekend we were greeted by Sandy who was more than excited to show us the work she has done on the adjoining apartment (which Sandy has named the Cottage Hideaway). This used to be Grammy's house and it has a bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom... perfect for Adam and I when we come up for the weekends! So we walk into the house and already the walls are looking better. She has painted a lot so far and really cleaned the place up! Upon further inspection we see a bouncy chair and a swing in the living space and as we turn the corner there is a full crib decorated to the hilt! She went out and actually bought a crib to make our lives easier when we come up (and to encourage us to come up I am sure ). It was the sweetest gesture and will make our lives that much easier when we travel back and forth. We even went out and bought toiletries so we don't have to bring as much personally!

Here are a few pictures from the Cottage Hideaway in Htown!

Sandy and Adam posing with the crib... you can't tell but the outfit by Adam is the most adorable and comfortable running suit for a 0-3 month old! I cannot wait to put Peabert in it!

This is Adam and I's cozy part of the Cottage Hideaway! It's like our own bed and breakfast!

I just had to throw this in (for you Kathi!) We stopped by Sandy's nephews' house for his daughters birthday party and we caught sight of this when we walked in.

The best part... these 2 aren't even related... the kitty is just a new addition to the family and has taken a particular liking to this cat!

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