Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Fun

Things have been pretty low-key around here lately.

Chase and I have both had a stomach bug (although him way worse than I) and I've been experiencing some round ligament pain. I had this with Chase but it wasn't until about 23 weeks so I was caught off guard when it struck at 9 weeks. Just one of those things that isn't in the book.

Unfortunately all that meant we had to miss the big Easter party that Bekah hosted on Friday ;~(

Thankfully the stomach bug avoided Bamma who came over on Thursday and took care of Chase (and my house!) all day while I was too weak to get off the couch. It also avoided Adam, who took over the care of the house on Thursday when Bamma left.

The silver lining is that we've had some very awesome family days.

Saturday we just spent the day chilling out around the house. I boiled some eggs in the morning and in the afternoon we had the greatest time dying them. I seriously underestimated how much fun this would be with a child. I could have dyed 4 dozen more!

He insisted on the chef hat.

My egg:

I ♥ AG

I ♥ CG

Adam's eggs:

So tragic. He took a header off the breakfast bar.

This looked way cooler in my mind.

Our cast of characters!

Unfortunately we seem to be carrying on the tradition of being sick on Easter. Saturday night Chase was up at least 4 separate occasions with stomach bug issues... which really caught us off guard since we thought he was on the mend. He also spiked another fever mid morning... our pediatrician is definitely getting a call from me in the morning.

Nonetheless we had a fantastic Easter... more to come.


Anonymous said...

Think I like Adam's eggs the most. :0
Hope you are all well!

Rose said...

I had round ligament pain pretty early on with Josie. Hopefully it will ease up for you soon and your home will return to good health!

dkamfam said...

Glad you were able to have some Easter fun in your house, in spite of all the sickness. And I'm glad you all are healthy now!