Friday, April 09, 2010

Sick, stuck and smells

Our pediatrician was called Monday morning... and we got an appointment. The diagnosis... pretty sever case of strep throat. I have to say I didn't see that one coming. I thought it was probably an infection but I was leaning toward an ear infection. Nope, she took one look in his mouth and with wide eyes said this throat was extremely red.

Off to the grocery store for antibiotics!

The worst part of the whole adventure... when the pediatricians office said that Chase's insurance had been canceled. Yep. I am there with a sick kid and Carefirst has royally screwed up. I swear medical insurance is the most evil entity on earth. The sad thing is I knew it would happen. I saw it coming... I did everything I was supposed to do to avoid it but nope, they went ahead and screwed up anyway. *sigh*

Thankfully I have someone (a broker) helping me straighten everything out. Fingers crossed it gets worked out quickly.

Anywho... after that eventful morning Chase and I headed home to put up the quarantine tape. We were officially in for another 24 hours.

And unfortunately, we were quite literally stuck inside. My thought was to spend a nice relaxing Tuesday morning on the deck with the umbrella up, the water table full and maybe a popsicle or 2... not so much. Between the 8-10 wasps hovering around our shed/deck and the horrendous cow manure smell... there was no way we were sitting outside or opening the windows. Oh and the air conditioning is broke so we essentially were stuck in a darkened sweatbox.

Have I complained enough yet? Sorry, the answer to that is probably yes. Again, I am sorry. It was just a rough few days.

Thankfully things have been improving. We've been able to leave the house and actually spend time with other people (and oh how I have missed other people!) We went to a consignment sale where I snagged this:

beat up and weathered but it's perfect for our backyard! Now the weather just has to warm back up so we can use it ;~)

All and all things are going well around here. I'm still extremely tired... hence the lack of posting... but maybe once I am out of the first trimester that will subside a bit. I have all these projects and ideas but not enough energy to complete them!

I could have sworn my sewing machine was glaring at me the other day.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry to hear about the sickies - and the insurance stuff, too. It's such a racket!

Vicki said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend! Yeah, insurance is a pain in the neck (at best!)