Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Challenge #12

We were challenged to take a few pictures of our family over the Easter holiday. 3-5 with no tweaking. Which for me is sad because the next few pictures will highlight my obvious lack of understanding regarding my camera. Whatever, here I am flaws and all ;~)

Oh and FYI...Chase woke up with a 103 degree fever on Easter morning. Kari and Lexi both had bronchitis so obviously they stayed home and rested. I was still feeling sick and relapsing before I ever got better. All that to say it wasn't the day I had envisioned. It was nice and we spent some good time with Grandma and Grandpa but I was definitely 'off'. And is it a rule that kids must get sick after hours and on holidays? What's with that?

Yes... I can count. I know there are 6 photos. I bucked the rules... I am a maverick like that. Or in reality, I am horribly indecisive and could not choose between these 6.

I also discovered that I am somewhat biased in my photography since I have at least 137 pictures of Chase and 5 (at most and collectively) of everyone else. But really, how can I be blamed for this... it's the camera, it calls for me to seek out Chase... to capture those dimples... preserve that beautiful smile. Yep, it's all the cameras fault.

PS. Kristin - we gamble too! Nothing says our Lord and Savior like scratch offs!


The Townleys said...

Can't wait to see you all tomorrow and meet your friends from H-town! Call us if you need anything, otherwise we'll see you there!

chocolate hug said...

I have the same problem with my camera.....

SissyKristin said...

I just snorted laughing!!! What is it about Easter and scratch offs?!? Ha!! Glad we arent the only ones! Love the pics and that little man's face! Hope you guys are starting to rally and feel better! Sounds like spring is finally hitting the east coast! Oh and PS... You know I send you random pics of the Lladro logo/stores when I see them?? Spotted another last night here in San Juan. Didn't have any sort of camera but had to note my spotting!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Great pics. Hope you all feel better soon. :-)

KiKi said...

good pics but to comment on a couple posts ago I LOVE JIM GAFFIGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaaha

Ebeling Family Blog said...

these are great!
I especially enjoy the ones of chase- I can tell you are really comfortable taking photos of him- that you can take different angles of him without feeling weird- or getting weird looks from "grownup" people who aren't used to having a camera all up in their face :)
sorry about the sickness- there really is something about sick kids and the holidays- Jonathan's sister and her family were all dealing with the flu while we were down there visiting

anywho, back to photography:)
I really like the angles of the people doing scrachoffs- it creates strong lines that are more interesting to look at than if they were to be taken straight-on.
the last one is precious- something SO special about capturing father and son so close to each other!

dkamfam said...

We really wish we could have been there. Glad you were able to catch a few photos that weren't just Chase :).

kathi said...

You could put all 137 up and we'd not complain that first bit. Chase has fans here. :)

Oh, and get use to things like emergencies happening after hours. When you think about it, office hours are at the most 40 hours out of 168.

katie said...

I like the first one, the one with the dog, and the daddy/son one the best:
The first one because of the expression on Chase's face, and how his arms are out from his sides just a bit--looks a little surprised :)
The dog one because of the angle, light, reflection, and that they are both seemingly looking at the same thing--like they are scheming..
And the final one because it's neat to see how kids look like their parents; and they look very engrossed in something--perhaps a book?

Erica said...

GREAT series!I think it might be my favorite. I found my self laughing out loud at the sweetness. My favorite two are the ones with kiddo and dog looking out the window and man doing the scratch off. Is the woman doing a scratch off too? If so, I would have liked to see that. I read it in a comment, but I thought she was doing a craft with the eggs. The context of the scratch off gives her face new meaning.