Wednesday, April 21, 2010


  • Chase is trying with all his might to break me. And more often than not, he's succeeding.
  • Chase flipped/fell/climbed (with little forethought about consequence) out of his crib on Wednesday. Nothing terrified me more than hearing that thud and then a scream. He was already up and walking to the door (sobbing) by the time I reached his room so I have no idea how he landed. He informed me that he fell on his nose and mouth... which is consistent with the rug burn he has on his face.
  • Adam, Chase and I went out to take pictures for a website a few days ago and as we were leaving Chase yells "I need my tamera (camera)!" So he grabs it and then yells "Wait! I need my manbag!" He then proceeds to run to his room, go into his closet, pull out my blue and white flowered purse, place the camera in it and sling the purse errr, manbag over his shoulder.
  • On his way home with Daddy Chase announced that "Mommy's growing the baby out. And then I can hold him, and kiss him and hug him and play trains with him. And I can show him off to Mommy and Daddy and Riley and Alexander and Miss Bekah and Miss Dannette and Miss Shelby". I think he is going to make a fine big brother.
  • Our air conditioning was on the fritz. Luckily we are renters ;~) My in laws arranged to have someone come take a look at it and it should be fixed soon. The air guy informs me to not worry about the heat (which I had on that day, it was cold again!)... even though the compressor is shot, the heat will kick on the electric backup heat... so we will always be able to warm the house. Hmmmm. I ask him "If that were to happen, do you think that would affect your electric bill?" He smiles, nods his head knowingly and says "Yep, that will take a real bite out of your electric" So suddenly I am very aware of why we have paid through the nose for our electric this winter. Turns out the winter is the worst time for a compressor to blow because you don't know about it until your bill spikes (or until a professional fills your clueless butt in). *sigh*
  • I recently won a gift certificate to the Sweet Tea Shoppe and I finally made my choice! I plan to get another charm as soon as we know lil bean's name.
  • I started scrapbooking again and it feels great! I am a little behind (as in just finished with Christmas 2008) but I am making headway!
  • Adam is busier than ever! He signed 5 clients in 4 days... in addition to the clients that came with him. We're only a few days in but it's looking really good and we couldn't be more pleased.
So that's all I have for tonight. Hoping and praying that I get some energy back soon... I love being pregnant but being this tired is rough.


In-Sung said...

all about Chase sounds so familiar. Ah... 2.5 years old toddler... Glad to hear things are going well!

Vicki said...

If I had a dime for every time I heard a thud & then a scream. Ahhh, little boys keep you hopping!