Monday, September 07, 2009

Sunday Fun

Sunday started out with plans for Maugansville Pride Days and the Corn Maze. As we drove by the site where Maugansville should have been exuding pride, we were met with an empty lot.

Hmmmm. Something looks odd.

Then we drive by the sign boasting about Maugansville Pride Day, Sept 5. So apparently Maugansville has only enough pride for one day ;~)

Cross that off the list of things to do.

We stop by Grandma and Grandpa's and inform them of the single day of pride... then we head out to the corn maze.

Which has a rope pulled across the entrance with a sign that says 'closed'.


Apparently it's not our day to do outdoor country type events. We leave the corn maze and decide we will go somewhere that will definitely be open...

Cracker Barrel!

Good times were had by all ;~)

In the afternoon Adam and I prepared for some awesome dinner guests...

Nick, Rose and baby bump ;~) They are just 5 (almost 4) weeks out from meeting their daughter! They were passing through Hagerstown on their way home so of course, they had to stop by!

Chase spent some time helping daddy prepare dinner... homemade orange chicken and fried rice! Yummy!

Looks like Nick is ready for kids! He definitely knows how to get on their level ;~)

Trying to take a picture of Rose, baby bump, Chase and I... it turned into a tickle fest.

But we managed to get a good one.

Chase saying 'bye-bye' to the baby ;~) So sweet!

It was so much fun having them over for dinner... and next weekend I am traveling down to Baltimore for Rose's shower... twice in one week! It's insanity ;~)


dkamfam said...

Bummer on the activities not working out, but it sounds like you made it through. We keep missing things that we wanted to do by a day or a weekend. "We should go to that (fill in the blank). Oh! It was yesterday!" :) Always fun to have friends stop through!

Anonymous said...

Rose, you look absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see you this weekend. (Sorry, Jessica, I forgot it is your bolg. :0)

Rose said...

HAHA! Love it. Thanks for posting these pics. I'll send you the ones from our camera soon!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Seriously?? Closed?? What are the odds??