Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sleeping woes... and more pictures

Well we have one more puzzle piece in the sleeping issue saga. 2 year molars.

Last night Chase started saying 'teeth owie'... which at first I dismissed because just about anything is an owie these days. Boy who cried wolf anyone?

By the 3rd time he said it, it dawned on me... the molars. Sure enough Adam managed to sneak a peek back there and saw a tooth poking through.

The poor soul had his world uprooted and on top of that has sharp pointy teeth ripping their way through his gums. No wonder he's been extra clingy and not wanting to nap. I don't blame the kid.

I do feel bad about trying to make him cry out naps... it's been a particularly rough week here at the G house.

By the time Thursday rolled around I was dreading nap time. I let him scream and howl for me for just less than an hour and then I broke. Something didn't feel right... he wasn't following the same pattern as last time... he needed me and I went to him. I rocked him and he slept on me for over an hour. It was actually quite glorious. Not that I want to do that daily but watching him reminded me what a precious gift he is (how quickly we forget when they are screaming like banshees).

Friday... I had no idea what I was going to do. CIO was nixed... still didn't feel comfortable... and I didn't want to start the trend of sleeping on me. Then the thought popped in my head... we laid down together... him in his crib and me on the floor. He babbled and rolled around (didn't stand up though) for the longest time... about an hour and 15 minutes... just talking and talking and talking (*sigh* yes I know where he gets it from, shut it). By some stroke of luck I was able to get out of his room without him seeing... but it was only 3 short minutes before he noticed. He was up and crying in no time flat. I gave it a minute or so... then went back in and said I just went potty and now I am going to sleep. I laid down on the floor next to his crib. Not 5-10 minutes later I heard the beautiful rhythmic breathing of a sleeping toddler. I backed my way out of the room and enjoyed 45 wonderful minutes of Chase sleeping.

So Saturday I asked Adam to put Chase down for nap. Just wanted to see how it went. Chase went down without a peep and stayed asleep for an hour and 45 minutes.

-shakes her head-

I am frustrated and flattered.

Apparently it's a mommy thing. So our plan is Adam puts him down for naps and I put him down for bed time. This way he gets some consistent good napping and since the CIO is still in effect for bed time (I could bore you with the reasons but I won't ;~) he will (hopefully) learn that once mommy puts you down, it's sleep time.

God willing, after 3 days of this Chase will be ready for me to put him down for a nap.

*whew*... parenting is hard.

Now for a few pictures of my sweet teething love.

This is what happens when you give your husband the task of getting the baby up and dressed ;~) In his defense a bath was on the agenda for right after breakfast... this was temporary.

However, this was what he went out in public in.


This afternoon we spent some time at City Park.

Swinging with Daddy... seriously, how sweet is this... so of course I took a few dozen hundred photographs...

which may have sent Adam over the edge.

We spent some time on the merry go round...

hanging on the bars...

checking out the ducks...

and climbing some rocks. A wonderful Saturday afternoon with the family... can't ask for much more.

WAIT... that isn't true. You could ask for ice cream... that would be the perfect ending to the day!

So that's how we ended it... ice cream with Aunt Becky, Grandpa and Grandma at Maugansville Creamery.

Where Aunt Becky made a friend for life ;~)


Mandy said...

Sadie was looking at the pictures with me; she saw Chase at the park, and gasped - "Chase binky at park?!" lol. Because you know me, I would NEVER give her a binky in public.

Hope the sleep issues get worked out for you. Sleep deprivation is my worst fear about having a second baby (no, I'm not pregnant). I NEED my sleep!

Dannette said...

Hope Adam putting him down for naps works and he is back to "normal" on Tuesday, if there is a normal with kids. Have a great weekend!

chocolate hug said...

I've been having trouble with Sam at nap time too. He just doesn't want to nap, and then by 7pm everything starts to unravel. I have started implementing quiet time. If Sam wants to stay up that's fine but he has to be in his bed and be quiet. Yesterday he didn't nap, but stayed quiet for about 45 min. Surprisingly he wasn't too crazy before bed time. I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that Sam may be moving out of naps, but will just have to go to bed a little earlier. I do miss the break in the afternoon though. :)

Keep up the good work! It's not an easy task, listening to your child cry and scream.

I hope those molars finish their work soon!


Anonymous said...

I am struggling with Minhae's nap time AND bed time. I feel your exhaustion. Some days I really don't know what I am doing!!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Where did you get those elmo socks? (....and I'm so sorry about the sleeping woes)