Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Corn Maze... finally

Even though we had been duped by the corn maze Sunday, we decided to try again on Monday. Man am I ever glad we did. I think Chase had the absolute best time of his life there. We may go back before they close for the season.

Bam-ma showing Chase the corn.

My little trailblazer.

Hmmm... looks like we should go this way Daddy.

Oh yeah... we're country.

Yet another video... just let me know when you get sick of these ;~) However, once you watch it, I guarantee you will want Chase to come with you on your next trip to a corn maze!


Mandy said...

Possibly my favorite video yet! He's too cute!!

dkamfam said...

What fun! We will have to check that out. We did one last year, but she wasn't walking through it. New experience for this year!

kathi said...

Never ceases to amaze me how cute he is. I love the picture of him studying the corn, the first one...he's so focused!