Thursday, April 09, 2009

Some of Chase's new things...

I say 'new' but he has probably been doing these things for a while... I am just now catching up ;~)

He has learned how to unzip anything and everything... pj's, jackets... you get the idea. Very cute until I am trying to get us out the door and I look down and he is taking off the jacket I just put on him. Warm weather, please get here soon.

He has been 'talking' on his phone for sometime now but just a couple weeks ago I noticed that as he was 'talking', he was also pacing. He must have walked up and down the apartment 5 or 6 times. Maybe I do that when I am on the phone...

This quite possibly could be the greatest new Chase trick. To say that Riley is a messy eater is an understatement. I am constantly finding nuggets of dog food everywhere... well, I was. Chase has gotten into the habit of picking up each individual fallen kernel and putting it back into Riley's dish. Love love love this habit! Chase doesn't tend to wait for Riley to be finished and often pushes him out of the way so he can put the kernel back in his bowl. Luckily Riley is not territorial when it comes to his dish and lets himself get pushed around by Chase. That being said, I am never far when Chase is antagonizing Riley at his dish ;~)

Chase has been trying on shoes for a while but now he wants to 'walk' in them... which ends up being 'trip over my feet and face plant' in them. It's adorable until the tears.

Chase is starting to interact more with the kids he plays with. He has always noticed them to some degree but lately he's been more focused on engaging the other kids. Here he is sharing Lexi's memory game with her... how sweet of him ;~)

He is also becoming more daring. For awhile I wondered if Chase would ever start taking risks... he was so hesitant when it came to climbing, sliding or do anything the least bit new. I don't have to wonder any longer. He is climbing on and off the big chair, attempting more things on his own and just generally being a big boy these days. It's a mixed blessing... I am glad he is exploring his surroundings more and feels comfortable to try new things but now I have a little monkey on my hands. A monkey who can figure out how to get up but is far less graceful coming down!

Last but not least, Chase has learned how to show his best side to our new neighbors. Bet they are thrilled we moved in!


Anonymous said...

Love the pics!!!! I can't believe how grown up Chase is. We really need to get together soon!! Miss you, Jaime

KaraB said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Claire does all of those things, too, and isn't it just amazing when you watch it? The simplest things just become these amazing feats. I love the pacing thing...that is so funny!

The daredevil thing? My daughter has been that since day one. I remember I initially hoped for a boy when I became pregnant. Well, I think God said well, I want a girl for you, you go!! HA! She and Chase would probably get into SOOOOO much trouble together!!!

Jess, I don't know how you don't just eat him up every minute!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Very cute! I love his tricks!

Johnnie Avocado said...

I guess the neighbors are getting the full moon in that last shot. Yeah, Frodo loves to wear my shoes too...haha