Saturday, January 26, 2008

Momma's day out!

Chase and daddy got a boys afternoon together while I went to Danielle's baby shower! Chase and I were separated for a whole 3 hours! Truth be told... it really wasn't bad at all. I love Chase dearly but having time away is really nice... especially when it's to help a friend celebrate her baby!

The shower was totally awesome... Laura did such a great job planning and executing it! Danielle looked fantastic and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The present opening was really fun... instead of having Danielle open all the gifts while we just stared her down, we went around the room and each person opened a gift (not the one they brought). It was a great way to keep everyone involved... they introduced themselves, told how they knew Danielle and then ooooo'd and ahhhh'd over the gift. I labeled myself the unofficial photographer for the event and ended up with over 150 pictures! I am nothing if not thorough!

Here are just a couple pictures!

The happy couple, soon to be 3!

The party thrower, aka, Aunt Laura!

Proof that I was there! Thanks Karen!

Some of the ladies from our original bible study... Tiny and Danielle are pregnant and Kristen and I just had our babies... Sylvia, you are SO next!


The Townleys said...

You Rock the Hz-ouse! Thanks so much for being my professional photographer! LOVED it!

kathi said...

I LOVE the cake!! OMGosh, send me a piece of that! I love how all of your friends and you are having kids so close together. That's GOD, darlin.