Wednesday, January 02, 2008

It starts without a plan

We had ideas of what we should do today. Dad and Stacie were back at work so Adam and I were on our own. We decided to head back down to Fisherman's Wharf and we would just go wherever the wind took us... apparently the wind didn't feel like taking us anywhere. We floundered around the wharf for a little while... saw some break-dancing and window shopped. We stopped to feed Chase (I am getting excellent at doing this in public, discreetly of course!)... then about 10 steps later we had to change him... and I mean pants and all!

Then food for Adam and I... about an hour later we still didn't know where to eat. Finally we settled on Knuckles which was your basic bar food... nothing special but it was good. We decide to head home (it's about 5ish at this point). We hop on the #10 MUNI bus which will drop us a few blocks from dads place. It is an almost empty bus and we have a stroller all set up. As we get going we quickly realize that this is not going to be as easy as we thought. People are packing into this bus... and when I say packing, I mean crowd surfing would have been a breeze... no chance of falling through. Luckily, we are sitting but we decide that in order to get out of the bus we will have to breakdown the stroller and each carry a portion of it out. As we decide this, Chase starts screaming. We have one VERY hungry baby with a bus full of VERY exhausted working people who I am sure, do not want to listen to Chase scream for the next 20 blocks. As quick as I could, I tucked him into my jacket and proceeded to feed him. Just like that, silence from Chase! I am sure everyone on the bus was glad that I am a nursing mom ;~) I know I was!

So as I am feeding, we take the diaper bag off the stroller, pull off the carseat and work on collapsing the main part of the stroller which was impeded by a blanket in the bottom basket. We are doing all this in a 1 ft. by 2 ft space. Finally we have a collapsed stroller, a carseat, a sleeping baby in the carseat (thank the Lord!) and a huge diaper bag. Oh and the entire time we are doing this, Adam is tracking our movement on his Garmin so we know when we should get off the bus so that we are the closest to dad's place. At 3rd and Townsend we make our way out of the bus just loudly saying that we need to get through and that we are sorry. We fall off the bus (I think I hit about 80 people on the way out) and we are finally free. Some guy walks by and said "You guys are brave"... nope just stupid.

Lesson learned, do NOT travel on public transportation during commuting hours... and especially when you have a stroller.

On the way home we stop to get Huggies Natural Fit #2 diapers because the Huggies Snug and Dry #2's that we picked up at the beginning of the week are neither snug NOR dry. We got the Snug and Dry because they didn't have the Natural Fit at Safeway and we figured they would preform similarly... not quite. So we stop at Walgreens and lo and behold, no Huggies Natural Fit #2's.... they have Natural Fit Newborn, Natural Fit #3's, 4's and 5's... #2 are the only ones they don't have! Am I getting across the insanity and frustration of this! We decide #3's will have to fit because we cannot continue like this. I think San Francisco has something against the Natural Fit #2. I am writing to Arnold.

In all honesty, it's been a great trip so far and we have had a wonderful time... even the bus ride home today! It's definitely a story worthy to be told as a family legend.

Tomorrow we head to Cupertino to see Apple headquarters (aka Adam's mecca) and then to Google to see dad (aka Adam's other mecca).


Brian said...

wow, must take some coordination for all that. From a guy who used to ride the bus all the time to/from work, babies arent a bad thing. They make the commute more interesting. As long as nobody is trying to listen to music.

kathi said...

Funny stuff, I'd like to have seen Chase's face as y'all tried to get off that bus.

Oh, the diaper thing...remember that well, ALWAYS seemed like they were out of the size we needed.

chocolate hug said...

I have totally made the stroller/bus mistake before. I was so flustered that I got off about a half a mile too early!