Friday, January 18, 2008

Catch 22

I am at a crossroad here... if Chase sleeps in his bouncy chair next to my bed then I get around 7 hours of sleep at night... if I put him in his crib then I get 2-4 hours with no guarantee of multiple sleep sessions! I really want to see Chase sleeping in his own room but after 6 nights of 'iffy at best' sleep, I relented and he slept in our room last night ;~)

Anyone have any thoughts... should I stick out the lack of sleep to push him into sleeping in his own room or get the sleep and try again in a week or so?


Anonymous said...

2 months is still very young -- sleeping in a bouncy chair now does not mean he'll be sleeping in a bouncy chair at 1 year old. Try giving both you and him a break and get some good sleep. There is plenty of time for "sleep training"

Michelle said...

I agree with what "anonymous" said. My babies slept in a bassinet in my room until they couldn't fit in it anymore. I think they were around 4 months old.

If he's happy sleeping in the bouncy seat, then I would go with it until he's a little older. Plus you need to have a decent nights sleep.

chocolate hug said...

I didn't start letting Sam cry himself to sleep till he was about four months. If you know Chase can sleep 7 hours straight it wouldn't hurt to see if he will cry himself to sleep, but give yourself a limit...15 min of crying or something like that. But I agree with Michelle, it wouldn't hurt to let him sleep in his bouncy seat until he gets to big. But at the same time he could get too used to it and the switch could be harder. Man it's such a guessing game with children! I'd try to let him cry himself back to sleep a couple nights. I usually takes Sam five min to fall back asleep.

Nice thing is, you're a stay at home mom, so you can relax when you need to during the day...I hope!


kathi said...

I can't ever say I had a problem. They were both sleeping through the night when we came home from the hospital. I will say that I had to train them a bit when they needed a nap during the day and didn't want to be put down. I let them long as I knew they were fed and dry, they stayed in bed. Didn't take long, and they learned that when they were layed down, they went to sleep. It's hard, hon, every kid ( and mom )is different. Take care of yourself first, a tired, cranky or sick mom isn't good for anyone. Big hug.

LoveLladro said...

all great ideas! thanks everyone ;~) i think i will sleep with him in the room for a few more days and then try again for the crib. i am not going to rush it... obviously he isn't ready ;~)

i did make the comment to adam this morning that i was pretty sure chase would be 18 and still sleeping in the bouncy seat next to my bed ;~) hopefully i was kidding!