Monday, March 19, 2007

Weekend Fun

Overall Adam and I had a great weekend… it almost started out very tragically but God was watching over us and didn't allow that to happen.

As I mentioned previously, for the past week we have been watching my dad and his girlfriend's beloved dog, Maverick (or Mav or Maverazzle). The entire week was pretty uneventful, Maverick tried to body slam Riley and eat his food and Riley consistently tried to avoid playing with Mav. Then Saturday morning Adam and I took the dogs out for the morning walk.

We were leisurely walking up our street… in our slip on shoes, pjs and winter coats… when all the sudden Adam threw out an explicative and when I look down, I realize why. Maverick is now trotting away from us with no leash attached. It seems his leash has come apart from him collar.

Adam takes off after him at full speed… it didn't take Maverick long to realize that he could now run as fast as he wanted. Adam followed Mav up through a clearing to the end of a row of houses… at this point I thought about going back to get the car and try to find them but thought better about it and kept going. I prayed as hard as I could that God would stop him somehow someway, just enough to let us catch him. I decided to hope that Mav would zig zag beyond the row of houses Adam just chased him to so he would run right by me (hopefully I might even catch him!)… think a triangle with a row of houses being the base… sure enough, about 10ft before I get to the corner of the triangle, Mav comes shooting out and starts heading straight in front of me. I follow behind some more but it was REALLY cold and I was having trouble breathing at this point.

All the sudden Mav turns and looks at me… I saw a glimmer of hope that I may be able to lure him back… sure he ignores me every other time I call him but maybe he will listen to me now. Not so much, as it turns out he was setting me in his sights so that he could keep an eye on me whilst he poo'd. Yes… you read correctly… Mav stopped due to the call of nature.

I pulled myself together and started jogging toward him, just hoping he wouldn't scare and start running again. Nope, apparently the call of nature for Mav is too strong and I was able to walk right up on him and grab his collar. After he was finished he gave one final tug to get away and then fell to his fate, he was captured.

Then he proceeded to throw up. I just about followed suit. The walk home was probably the longest in history… our chests were so ice cold that breathing was so very painful. When we got back to the house I was crying and near hyperventilation because of the pain… Adam almost called an ambulance for me. After a few minutes of breathing my chest started to unclench and I felt better. Man, what a way to wake up on a Saturday!

In other news… we went to H-town to celebrate Spencer's 9th anniversary on Saturday night… we went to the meeting and then to Denny's after to spend some time with Spencer and Jessica (his lovely bride ;~) It was really great to catch up with them and see how God is working in their lives. There are visible relationships around them that have healed… of which we all doubted if they would ever heal! It was pretty amazing and at the very least, a testament to what God can accomplish.

Sunday was a chill day… we went to church and heard a good message from Greg… socialized with friends and then came home and promptly rested for the remainder of the day. Later in the day the neighbors came over and it was like old times… lately we have all been so busy that just getting together and hanging out hadn't happened but last night we did and it was great! Oh and we watched Grey's from Thursday night… what the heck is up with George and Izzie???

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