Friday, May 04, 2007

Last night

Last night was so awesome. Instead of our regular bible study, the non-preggers threw the preggers a 'baby celebration' complete with games and presents. It was such a pleasant surprise for us and we had a blast! However, I will talk more about it in a later post.

Last night we also said goodbye to Josh as he left for Iraq this morning. The boys prayed over him after the ladies left for the baby celebration and I got to hug him and say goodbye later on that night. For anyone out there, please pray for Josh and Heather during this time. It's their first deployment and everything is new.

Now for a little tribute to my little bro ;~)

Lamest self portrait ever!

Josh and his baby girl Layla

Josh, Heather and Layla on the stroke of midnight New Years Eve!

Josh and Layla (see a pattern? they are fond of that pup!)

Now these are some sexy boys who know how to rock some women's shades!

And in what could be the cutest picture ever... Josh and Heather watching princess Layla who has taken over the coffee table ;~)

Josh and Heather our prayers are with you and hopefully this will be the shortest 4 months in history! Love you guys!


kathi said...

Praying God would send Josh's angels out ahead of him, prepare his way, surround him and keep him safe until he returns to his precious family and friends.

Rob and Danielle said...

I miss that guy already!