Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happenings as of late...

So as I mentioned... the bible study "non preggers" threw the bible study "preggers" a baby celebration this past Thursday. What a great time! They had games, food and presents ;~) It was a lot of fun and really nice to know that people are excited for you and genuinely happy!

Here is a picture of all of us together... the fun picture of course!

Ok... so that's Sarah M, Sylvia, Sarah P, Victoria, Danielle, Corrine, Nicole, Holly, Molly, Diane, me and Kristen... the last 4 are the preggers! Non preggers... thank you guys SO much for all that you did! We really appreciate it!

On Saturday Adam had his 10 year high school reunion... it was a low key affair, meeting up at a local bar but it was a really good time. It's fun to see Adam with all his old high school friends (well some of them... about half the class was there). Here is a picture of Josh, Adam, Farmer and Pat ;~)

While in Hagerstown Sandy and I went shopping for maternity clothes.

Back ground info... almost immediately after I told my friend Vicki that I was pregnant, she sent me a gift card to Motherhood Maternity. Such a sweet gesture and I was so excited to be able to get some cute pregnancy outfits. Many thanks Vicki!!!

Anyway, I was floored and couldn't wait to use it! However, with my new found respect for money, I wanted to be sure I was using it to the utmost potential... enter the Hagerstown Outlets who just happened to have a Motherhood Maternity. Also enter a mother in law who wanted to buy me my first maternity outfit... Again, such a sweet gesture... for not having any girls, she sure is getting this girly stuff down! Literally when Adam told me she wanted to do that for me, I teared up at the thought. So Sandy and I decide to hit up the outlets the next weekend I am in town.

Back to this past weekend... Sandy and I hit up Gap Outlet where Sandy buys me some fantastic maternity clothes (I got a hot tip that the maternity jeans at Gap were awesome!) and then we head to Motherhood where I totally stocked up on shorts, capris, tops and the cutest dress ever! I am so excited to start wearing all this stuff and I can't thank Sandy and Vicki enough!

God sure has blessed me with people in my life that can take the edge off of not having my mom around.

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kathi said...

I loved buying maternity clothes! The only thing that is more fun that that is buying baby stuff!!

That is so cool, all that your friends did for you. I'm so glad you have them!
Great big hug!