Thursday, May 31, 2007

medical care and weekend recap!

so i have come to realize that you as a patient have a lot more say in your care then you think.

adam and i went to the ortho today to check on my hand and 'little miss knows nothing' who brought us back had not bothered to read my chart or figure out why they brought me in today... so she stammers through some questions, leaves and comes back to tell us that she put us in line to get an x-ray.

now, i wasn't thrilled the first time i had to get an xray but i realized that it was necessary... they had to know that i broke it and how bad... this time, it seems as if 'lmkn' just put me in line because she couldn't think of anything better to do. so i questioned her and ended up telling her that i would rather wait until the doctor said it was necessary... i think limited exposure to radiation while i am pregnant is the best thing for peabert... she gives me a line about it just pushing me back but that i can certainly wait for the doc. he walks in a short time later and says that's fine... we can skip the xrays. never take what they say at face value!

also, i asked the doc if i could stay in the splint since i had become accustomed to it and he said since it wasn't an unstable break, that's fine! wahoo!!! score 2 for jessi!

we go back in 3 weeks when, hopefully then, i will be healed!

adam and i had a great memorial day weekend... saturday we got a lot (especially since we were handicapped) done... moved around stuff that needs to be gone through so it's accessible... found great christmas/camping stuff storage... generally cleaned and did laundry... adam even made it out to a meeting! good times!

sunday we spent in st. michael's eating crabs, shopping and hanging out on uncle jimmy's boat...

sandy (infamous mother in law) and i after my crab feast (yep, cast and all!!)

adam and i on the dingy heading out to uncle jimmy's boat

Shazam! gotta love uncle jimmy's boat!

i call this Peat and Repeat... definitely, like mother like son!

adam imitating captain morgan!

then monday my dad had a barbecue at his house and we joined in the festivities there.... which included crabs again! i love the summer time in maryland!

it was a wonderful and restful weekend!


Michelle said...

Your weekend sounds like it was awesome!!

I'm glad everything went okay with your appointment. I've always said to my family, that in regards to your healthcare you are your only advocate, so stand up and say what you think is best.

P.S. Do you think your Uncle Jimmy could use an extra neice? :)

kathi said...

And best of falls! Yay!
You go girl, proud of y'all at the dr's. Speak up.
Love the pictures! Loved the BOAT!! You're so cute, even cuter pregnant. Great weekend.

Melissa said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping in....I don't mind at all.

Our little man is doing better. He is in his hard, more stable cast now, so he is not in as much pain.

I'm sorry to hear about your arm. Good luck wiht it and with your pregnancy. Children bring so much joy to your life! Every now in then they can scare you to death, but they are a blessing!