Sunday, November 26, 2006

Yeah yeah... I suck at this game.

I have been off for 5 days in a row so far and this is my second post... sad, I know. Honestly... I used to have so much more free time but with Danielle back and Josh and Heather next door (NOT complaining about either FYI) every night seems to be filled! Between games, movies and outdoor events... blogging takes a backseat!

Anyway here I am... What a great break this has been so far. Adam and I completely rearranged the storage in our apartment yesterday. We moved all the storage bins of my moms clothes to an accessible place and stored all the 'long term' stuff away. I realize that doesn't seem like a lot but trust me... it was back breaking, time consuming and thought provoking. Now a picture of my moms clothes... Count them (go ahead, I dare you!)

13 storage bins... ridiculous right! I love my mom but good gravy, that's a lot of clothes! In her defense, there are shoes and some of my clothes in a couple of them but for the most part, moms clothes. I can see that going through these will take a while. And talk about the worlds largest quilt! I think I will have more than enough to make quilts for my kids as well (and quite possibly enough for a small nation).

Thanksgiving day was a good time... We met up with Adam's dad for brunch in Annapolis which was better than the original plan... having dinner at Adam's stepmom's brothers house. Since Adam's dad and stepmom are separating... meeting for brunch out was a much better idea. I have to say, this is one 'separating' that I am happy about. Those of you that know the story... Adam's stepmom and I didn't exactly get along like BFF's. More like a 'tolerable' relationship. I honestly believe that with her gone, we may be able to spend more time with his dad. She was a good part of why we stayed away... and if you think I am over reacting or being mean... you should hear the whole story ;~)

Anyway, after brunch we went to a friends house but not before cuddling with the dogs (Scout and Riley) for a half hour on the couch (literally, all 4 of us on one couch... we were adorable). We had a good dinner and good conversation at our friends house... Sarah and Demetri can really do Thanksgiving dinner!

We left there and came home because we knew that Josh (aforementioned neighbor, who is officially at 'little brother' status with Danielle and I) was home alone... his wife had to work the late shift so we wanted to make sure he had someone to hang out with... as it turns out, Heather got off work about a half hour after we got home and joined us... and Danielle came home around the same time so we all sat around and played Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition.

All the dogs were here as well which made for some fun mayhem... Let me go over the cast of characters, they are:

Layla - the 3 month old pug who goes and goes until she passes out and then 20 minutes later is ready to go again;

Scout (left) - the 4 year old mutt who doesn't have an off switch and who's life has meaning when there is a rawhide around, and Riley (right) - the almost 10 year old beagle who is turning into a crotchety old man who needs to police ANY fun that might be had.

This translates to Layla running after either Scout or Riley and biting them (did I mention she is fearless?) and Scout and Riley warning her to lay off or playing right back... If Scout and Layla are playing, that means Riley runs behind or between them and barks (LOUDLY) which then drives the humans (at least me) batty because Riley's barks are head inducing. All in all, complete mayhem and complete fun.

That has been our life for the past few days... the 5 of us get together for breakfast some days, dinner and games some nights and black Friday shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Good times!


Johnnie Avocado said...

sounds like you had a great break :P

Jaime said...

So that's why I never see you :) I'm glad you enjoyed your break!

kathi said...

You've got a lot going on emotionally as well as staying busy.
The dogs are adorable, and just thinking about the 3 of them made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, and the neighborhood comes alive!
Scout has an "off switch" by the way... it's just self activated and only once every few days.