Friday, November 03, 2006

Our Troops

Regardless of any feelings that I have toward John Kerry, good or bad, his statement was one of the most crass and insensitive comments ever made.

He does have the right to think what he wants, no matter how elitist it may be but he doesn't have the right to generalize an entire group of people that fight for our freedom day in a day out, at the sacrifice of life, love and family. Team morale is one of the hardest things to build and maintain and statements like his can crumble that morale in a split second. These men and women need to believe (and hopefully know) that their sacrifice is worth their effort and all that they have done hasn't been in vain. Say what you want about the war... I am not convinced we should still be there but I am convinced, without a doubt, that every soldier no matter the education level or salary level is entitled to be lifted up and revered and not to be told that they are stupid and that they somehow deserve this life because they didn't work hard enough. Plenty of men and women joined because at one time or another wanted to make a difference and this is their contribution. That shows more courage and gumption than any degree that can be earned.

I believe that these soldiers may enter the military out of high school and don't get the 'book knowledge' that Kerry apparently holds so dear but I also believe that these soldiers are smarter than any of us can ever imagine. They have seen more, done more and lived more than most people who went to college can ever imagine. Their experiences have taught them more than a classroom ever could.

To Mr. Kerry... here are your stupid and your poor... enjoy your freedom.


Carrie and Scott said...

I'm with was stupid of him to say that...maybe it came out wrong maybe it didn't. But I do know that I say stupid things that come out wrong (or not) all the time. We're all human and deep inside I still think we all have good hearts.


Johnnie Avocado said...

Exactly......I don't have to add anything.....

Rob and Danielle said...