Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Small update... more to come

For everyone that has been praying... THANK YOU! I (we) really appreciate it.

There has been a resolution and really it is the best possible outcome... I don't really have time to elaborate right now... I promise I will post later.

I just have to say that when things like this occur and the outcome is good everyone says "great! God really came through for you on this one!" or "thank the Lord that He answered your prayers" but I would like to say that I don't think that is what happened... I think what happened is all the praying I (we) did and the praying for done for me (us) helped keep me calm and focused on God, thereby letting his will (whatever that may be) be done... Instead of previous times of trial where I freaked out because I relied on my own knowledge. In his will and trusting it is a MUCH better place to be!

Anyway, I felt that needed to be said!

Oh and for anyone that isn't aware... today is my birthday! Happy Birthday me! If you get a moment, might I suggest checking out a very cool birthday greeting that was left by none other than the Townley's... It may not be AS funny to you as it was to me but it is a good read and so very sweet! Thanks Townley's!


Paco said...

I am looking forward to hearing about how this panned out for you guys! You know you always are in my thoughts and prayers.

Johnnie Avocado said...

Happy Birthday!!! ((balloons, cheers, noisemakers))

Vicki said...

DELIGHTED to read this post. Looking forward to hearing more!

John said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESS!!!! I feel like I know you from reading your blog. Hope you had a good day. :)

kathi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!! I'm gonna sing you the happy b'day song and feel blessed you can't hear it!