Thursday, August 03, 2006

Busy weekend...

My head is spinning when I think of all that is going on this weekend!

Tonight I am going straight to Annapolis from work to pick up my bridesmaids dress. I was having it altered and the wedding is Saturday so can everyone say a quick prayer that everything is fine with it ;~) Then I go straight from Annapolis to Cheverly for sign language class. After that, come home and pay all the bills because they are due within the next few days.

Then Friday... work half day, stop at Ann Taylor to see if I can find a dress for the rehearsal dinner. Go home, take care of the dog, get ready and head off to the rehearsal and rehearsl dinner for Jaime's wedding!!!

Then Saturday starts off with a mani/pedi (treating myself so I feel pretty ;~) and then getting my hair done with the rest of the girls. From hair we go back to Jaime's apartment and finish getting ready... then off to the church. I think the ceremony is at 4:30 so I am guessing that the reception goes until 9-10 ~ Don't get me wrong... I am so super excited to see Jaime get married... wild horses couldn't keep me from this event! I am just getting winded thinking about the business of it!!

Sunday is my day to work on the apartment... it's a slight bit out of control right now and I have dedicated Sunday as my day to catch up.

Anyway, that's my weekend... so if I don't post for awhile, you know why.

Oh and awesome shot of Jaime being 'arrested' at her Bachelorette Party last weekend... you couldn't have asked for a more awesome cop!!!

And a group shot... from left: me, Kara, Michele, Becky, Jaime (the bride to be!!), Denise, Kelly, Heather and Kristen... what a GREAT group of girls. Easily one of the best nights out in Baltimore ever!

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kathi said...

What a great weekend! Congrats to your friend, and hope it all went great! Cute cop!