Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Weekend

So Adam's parents got him a waffle maker for his birthday! It is so very cool... professional grade, yummy fluffy Belgian waffles. We set it up Saturday morning (well technically Sat afternoon but we had just woken up ;~) and made waffles all around. It is so quick and easy and just about the best breakfast ever!

This is how we know we are getting older... a waffle maker and we are in love with it! Actually a few years back Adam's parents bought us a Washer (as in clothes) for his birthday and we were ecstatic about it.... that is growing up!

Adam also got some ties, socks, a griddle and iLife '06 which he has been talking about for at least a good year or so. He was a very happy boy.

The rest of the weekend was good... very relaxing. I got to spend a good bit of time on a project for a friend... I can't say more because she reads this blog... but suffice it to say, I needed a few good hours to work and I got them! I love it when a project comes together.

The weekend was tempered with a heavy feeling that I couldn't shake. It is never a pleasant feeling having something unsettled between friends... I hope it gets resolved soon.

As always Monday morning is upon us and I would rather be home but alas, I am plugging away at work. Time to get back to being despised... oh I love my job (please sense the sarcasm ;~)

Oh and a grand thanks to Paco who is helping me purchase/install a new stereo and speakers for the jeep... I am so very excited!


Paco said...

HA HA HA HA!! I have you now...

kathi said...

I'd never heard of iLife, now I've got to have it too...dang, one more thing!!

Happy belated Adam!