Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Update on the tire

The whole tire blowout/tow thing worked out for the better... If I had gotten the spare put on (by divine intervention because I wasn't doing it) then I would have had to drive the money pit to the mechanic and then found a way back to work while it was getting new shoes.

The way it worked out was better... Karen was on her way in so she just swung over and picked me up... I got to work somewhat on time... and I didn't have to worry about another accident (this time I would have been on I-95). And honest to goodness, the price for the tow was perfectly fine with me... I don't know what everyone complains about... seemed absolutely reasonable and completely worth it to me ~

Besides, without Karen, I wouldn't have gotten my awesome pictures!!! And Danielle... yes, they are totally making it into the photo album! This is deserving of its own page ;~)

And the story ends happily... we got the Jeep, err money pit, back yesterday (yes New Life is that good!) and it's running great.... well, it's running and all the tires are on and in tact... really, that is all I can ask for.


kathi said...

Hey, nothing wrong with new shoes, in fact, you deserve them, so go get them, lol. We've got a photo album for all of Charlie's "boo boo's" growing up. He was the kid without fear and way too much imagination...translation, lot's of black eyes, bumps, bruises and wet slimy pictures. Yeah, he's always been drawn to duck ponds.

LoveLladro said...

HA! I meant new shoes for the Jeep ;~) But on that note, I did get new shoes for myself this weekend... for my friend Jaime's wedding!

kathi said...

I'm such a ditz, geeze!

TortfeasorG said...

Hooray for spending money on tires!

Can't wait until we get to buy new tires for the Honda!