Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am so old...

it apparently takes a few hours for injuries to set in.

I played Ultimate Frisbee and volleyball this past Saturday. We got our you know what's handed to us in Ultimate Frisbee but won 2 out of 3 in volleyball... good times had by all. So Adam and I leave the field, rush home to get ready for a party... shower, change and jump in the car. We drive to Hagerstown (good hour and a half car ride) and stop at a grocery store to bring chips and dip. I step... err, attempt to step, out of the car. Yeah, not so much, I can barely put pressure on my left foot. At first I think that I just have to walk it off... be a man, shake it off...

Not so much again. I am basically limping my way through the grocery store. We pick up an Ace bandage (didn't you know I have my medical degree) and get back in the car. I wrap my foot and ankel (3 times cause I couldn't get it right...) and think, yeah, this will go away.

Meanwhile, we are heading to a house full of poeple that I haven't met and that Adam hasn't seen since graduation day (for the most part)... something of an inpromptu high school reunion brought on by myspace. Anyway, here comes hop-a-long Jessica... what an entrance to make! We make our introductions and I sit down, keeping my foot elevated (told you I have a degree in medical-ness).

The host, Pat, asks if I wanted some ice... nah, big strong Jessica can walk it off... (in reality I just didn't want to be 'that girl'... you know, all the attention must be on her even though this event is totally about Adam. Anyway, Pat (aka my hero) didn't take no for an answer... he brought me tylenol and ice and made me sit through the pain of the ice until my foot numbed.

Sweet relief! I still felt some pain but nothing like it had been (I was near tears and contemplating asking Adam if we could leave and swing by the emergency room on the way home). Pat, your my new best friend ;~)

The rest of the evening was great and everyone was a lot of fun. It was great to see Adam mixing it up with old friends ~ and to see how far he has come since his days in high school. I am pretty darn proud of that boy, err man ;~)


paco said...

Ok, who feels like a jerk for giving you grief for you not putting up a post about frisbee?! YOU GUESSED IT !!! PACO DOES!

Hope you are feeling better. I didn't know you hurt your foot!

Dan said...

older and wiser... right? You should have known by now (medicalness degree) that you have to STRETCH before you play. All those gym classes about stretching and exercise. Your parents paid big bucks for you to learn that stuff and here you are limping around because you never listened to your teacher.

kathi said...

I can feel for you hon, I do that all the time. I think that's why I was down for a day after doing that exercise the 'hoedown' stretching!
Live and learn...hope you're better!!

LoveLladro said...

Paco - You should feel no guilt! I am feeling tons better and almost as good as new ;~)

Dan - On Xanga now are ya? Love that you are keeping up (if in fact you are keeping up and haven't just stopped in for one blog!)... And FYI - you of all people should know that any $$ my parents spent for school went to complete waste when it came to gym class... complete waste... I was a study hall girl!

Kathi - Feeling much better... that will teach me to be so active! Ha, just kidding... been having a lot of fun running around playing on the weekends... man I miss childhood! I hope all is well with you and as always, your in my prayers.