Monday, July 24, 2006

Lord have mercy

So the evil empire where we used to live has decided to mess with us again...

This time, they deducted over $400 from our security deposit because, they say, they had to replace all the carpet because of urine.

Can you even believe that??? I mean certainly Adam and I are very apt at using the bathroom and as for our dog... once... the dog peed in a house (pasadena) once, many, many moons ago in the first house he ever lived in, on the day he was brought home from the pound (which was the day after a snip snip surgery) and since then NOTHING!

Best dog ever when it comes to that. He always barks or scratches at the door. Gives you the pleading eyes. Whatever it takes to get our lazy butts up and take him outside. For heavens sake, we probably spent more time outside with Riley on the leash then we did in the apartment!

Not to mention the fact that who the hell lives with a urine soaked carpet... the crazy lady down the street... certainly not me... princess of nothing gross (newly appointed title, you may not recognize it yet).

Anyway, I am so mad I could cuss up a storm right now but I am refraining (as much as possible)... Jesus in, Jessi out, Jesus in, Jessi out (Thanks Danielle!!!)

Just know that we are not taking that laying down. Absolutely not... more to come as things unfold.


TortfeasorG said...

Well, one thing's for sure: if they want to keep our money, i'm going to make them work for it.

Vicki said...

Hang in must be a standard strategy to milk their former, pet-owning tennants of their security deposit. Make 'em fight, indeed. Hope you can make them sorry they bothered!!

kathi said...

Make them prove it, video it and call an impartial in to see and smell. That sworn statement will hold up in small claims.

Paco said...

Or, if you must, rent a carpet cleaner for $35 and clean the carpets... You know... I hear a certain friend of your has one of those at the office...

GO GET 'EM ADAM! Flex those mind muscles!

LoveLladro said...

husband - love the attitude ;~)

vicki - thanks for the support! love the bulldog attitude!

kathi - thanks for the idea! we will need all that we can get!

paco - thanks for the offer sweetness but supposedly the inspector said it was 'condemned' and it was already removed. whatever, if that is true, it was that way when we moved in and they have some explaining to do!