Monday, June 05, 2006

I apparently will never outgrow high school

My friend Jaime's bridal shower was yesterday and I spent a solid hour fretting about what to wear. Seriously… I was going back and forth trying to decide what the 'popular girls' would wear. Keep in mind, I have been friends with Jaime for years and I am in her wedding... she could careless about what I wear... regardless....

A little background... In middle/high school I wasn’t what you call popular… I was a wallflower, of the grandest proportions. Admittedly I spread my wings a little more when I went to a smaller Christian school my last 2 years, but from fifth grade to tenth grade, my greatest goal was to be invisible. And for the most part I succeeded.

Flash forward to present day and I am much more comfortable with myself. More confident so I take greater risks… certainly risks that I wouldn’t have taken in school. I wear what makes me comfortable and what have you... or so I thought.

Back to yesterday when I worried about what to wear. Brown pants, hippie tank top, black guachos, gray 'rebel' shirt, flowery skirt, pink shirt.... as it turns out, pink was the color of the day ;~)

Looks like school be damned... I am popular.

That is Kelly, Heather, Jaime and I looking fabulous!

Kelly - if you read this post and don't leave me a comment, you're in big trouble! I know where you sit and I can hold your contracts hostage ~ j/k ;~) Love ya!


kathi said...

What a great picture (next time, though, take down the can of Raid, lol). Girl, you and all of your friends are so cute...what a group. Yeah, I was like that in H.S. too...still am though.

LoveLladro said...

LOL! I didn't even see that! I will have to attack the picture with Photoshop to get rid of that!

Danielle said...

Whatever! You're a dork. Pink is the new black, and Dorks are the new Popular.

Paco said...

Let's play Paco Says... Paco says PJ is cool!!!

LoveLladro said...

Danielle - Dorks are the coolest... good thing I am part of both crowds ;~)

Paco - I love that game! pj says Paco is most awesome!