Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A haircut for a worthy cause...

My friend Rose decided a while ago that she was going to grow her hair out to a substantial length and then donate it... Last night was the big event and I was on hand to document the whole thing... Since there are more than a couple, I thought I would keep them small ;~)

The "Before" picture.

Now that is a face of someone losing over 10 inches of hair!

Somewhat like a trophy, wouldn't you say?

Now comes the styling part...

Feeling free and lighter!

Back in her apartment modeling the latest and greatest in headwear! It's a little hard to see but she looks amazing! Trust me ;~)

Awesome job Rose! My mom would be proud and pleased ;~)


Danielle said...

I really like it! Rose, you are a brave woman! I salute you. :-) (seriously though, short hair works for you)

kathi said...

Wow, what a difference! That's amazing. What a great contribution, proud of her. And the short hair, MAN, looks EXCELLENT!! I'm thinking I may print this off and take it in for my next styling. Need so let some of it grow first.

Good for you, ROSE, gorgeous!

LeAnne said...

Cute haircut! Very trendy.