Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wild and Crazy Weekend

Adam and I were on the move all weekend... not that I am complaining... just tired now! I thought I would recap what went on...

Friday night - Party at Phil's house. One of the 'fellows' at John Hopkins, Joanna, passed the CA bar so Phil (lawyer at JH) hosted a party for her. This was my first look at being a lawyers wife... not as bad as I thought. I was convinced that in this world (lawyers wife world) everyone would speak with words that I don't know, about current events that I don't keep up with and with an air of superiority that would make me want to hit them. Turns out they are pretty normal. Good conversation, GREAT Iranian food and I even found a friend.... I am the even present animal lover!

Saturday - I went and had 'kitchen coffee' with a very good friend. A friend... I still giggle at that! She used to watch me years ago until somehow we flipped and I began babysitting her kids. Some of my best summers were being a 'mother's helper' to her! Growing up and becoming her friend was actually quite seamless... like it was meant to be ;~) I thank God she was placed in my life all those years ago... God has quite a plan... more detailed and intricate then we can imagine ;~) Here is a painting (a portrait of myself) done by her 4 year old daughter... hanging proudly on my refrigerator.

Saturday night - Went out to eat at Corks in Baltimore with my dad, his girlfriend Stacie and Adam. We had a great time and the food was delicious! You have to love men in pink! Dad likes to treat Adam and I to good food every once in awhile! We have to maintain a taste for the high life... dad would be so disappointed to know that I can put down a can of Spaghetti-O's like no one's business! At some point dad, Adam and I will be treating you to dinner, I promise ;~)

Sunday - went to church in the morning and a Shippeque in the afternoon! The weather was looking very threatening for a while but right as we started the festivities the sun broke through and it was gorgeous the rest of the day! Praise Jesus! What a great time... most of our bible study was there and my friends Diana and Stephen came! This is an active bunch so I think this is only the start of many outdoor activities to come this summer!

And I had to post the Team picture! From the right, Scott, Seth, Rob, Danielle, Adam and me! Ummmm, I do believe Team Adam/Rob/Jessi won both games of volleyball... good thing Team Scott/Seth/Danielle is not competitive (cough cough).

Anyway, all in all... fantabulous weekend! That's all I have for now ;~)


Paco said...

Wow... And I thought Ali and I's weekend was bad! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though!

TortfeasorG said...

I didn't realize how busy we were! But we got a lot done last weekend... a lot of EATING done, that is...

signing off, and verifying the word "mobaip"

kathi said...

You have such a great life, friends, family AND hubby. Girl, you're blessed!
What a great weekend!