Friday, August 20, 2010

House guest

This past weekend we had Chase's Great Grandpa Paul (my dad's dad) visit us from Long Island NY.

He brought Chase some new puzzles which Chase LOVED ;~)

On Saturday we went to Fairplay Days where they had a playground, yard sales, jousting and a bounce house. Yep, you read correctly... jousting. Very weird to see in the 21st century but they aren't knocking each other off, just riding and aiming at rings. We left before the action really started so I don't think we got the full effect.

Chase was a huge fan of the playground...

as was Adam ;~)

That night we had a great dinner out at the Longhorn complete with my in laws... I love when family comes together ;~)

At the yard sale Great Grandpa Paul had picked up the game Phase 10. Apparently this is the coolest game ever, I can't believe I had never played it!

(He's way too happy for the cards that he was holding ;~)

And the winning hand...
belonged to yours truly. That might have something to do with why I loved the game so much ;~) GGP left the game for us... I am just looking for an excuse to play it again... anyone... anyone??

I was in desperate need of a belly shot for Lil Bean's belly book so I made sure to get one with our guest ;~)
Pretty cool that my kids get a great grandpa ;~)

Chase at 2 years old and GGP at 78. Love it! Thanks for visiting us... we'll have you back whenever you want!


In-Sung said...

Your belly popped out! :) It sounds sweet that you write your kidS!

Paul said...

You certainly have a way with the computer and I only looked at the first message. GGD