Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chase goes shopping

Apparently being a great grandson has some perks... like Great Grandpa leaving you your very own money to spend however you want!

Chase was so excited to go to the store and pick out whatever he wanted (well let's be honest... there are some things I wouldn't have allowed him to buy ;~)

So off to Toys R Us we went!

Quite predictably Chase was a kid in a candy store the minute we walked in... running from one display to another. After a quick chat about calming down, I was able to steer him toward the sections I thought he would like the best. We went up and down the aisles and I would show him different things that he might like... to which he wanted to buy it all. We talked about how much money we had and how we had to pick things that were that amount or under. In between the wrangling and attention getting, it was actually quite enjoyable.

Finally he made his selections and we went to pay.

Chase with his spoils! Thanks Great Grandpa Paul!!!!

Sidenote: lately Chase has been all about the Little People. We have the nativity and the farm and he play acts with those people and animals more than any other toy in his room. So I did steer him in that general direction. Plus the fact that it's a firehouse... well it was a definite winner! As for the horse... I wasn't so sure about that one. He saw it and picked it out and held onto it for quite a while. At one point he asked me to hold it... and after a minute I put it back on the rack. As soon as he was done looking at whatever he was looking at, he asked for the horse and got upset when he realized I put it back. I figured it was a good buy after that ;~) Bonus after we got home, I realized if you push on one ear it neighs and if you push on the other it gallops... way cooler than I thought!


KaraB said...

I so want that horse!

Claire loves the Little People, too. I got her the garage! I'm all about not gender stereotyping! I found it on Craigslist..always a good place to look for that stuff (and I know you're a yard sale diva, too...another good place)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

LP are always a good bet. Sissy loves all the hand me downs she has from her brother (the school bus, lots of peoples, the garage, etc. etc.). And we have that same horse. Again, both kids just loved it.

Jennifer said...

I am a friend of Adrienne Weir's from NC. I have been following your blog for a while now (via Adrienne's blog). Chase is so cute & you are an amazing mom! I have learned a lot from reading your blog about how to handle my toddler. Thanks for being honest!

I have a quick question about the contact paper you used for the letters/numbers in Chase's playroom a while back. Where did you get it? I have made flash cards for my son & would like to "protect" them a bit more.


chocolate hug said...

Yay for little people toys! We were given some hand me downs and I only kept the farm and the castle. I had no idea how well those toys would go over! Sam also play acts with his little people toys the most!

Vicki said...

My kids had those horses with the push-on-ears-for-sounds! They luuuved them too.