Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treating here we come!

Chase was Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

I thought it was a brilliant costume... complete with the volunteers in blue! However, it was lost on most people.

While we were trick or treating, at least 3 people asked if we were either a. part of the PA build that just happened a few months ago... or b. here doing another new build. So apparently our t-shirts were a little too life like.

I even got Chase to say "Move that bus" on command (not an easy feat for this shy guy) but that didn't seem to make a difference.

I ended up explaining the costume and well, like a joke, it's just not funny if you have to explain it.


At least I had fun putting it together.

Riding in style for trick or treating!

I was so impressed with Chase. He really seemed to catch on quick to the whole deal. As we were walking up a driveway he would say "I wanna go knock knock knock". Once someone answered the door, daddy or I would prompt him to say "Move that bus" or "Trick or treat" (which came out something like "Tritch or treee")... which unbelievably he would say! They would let him pick (which we quickly taught him 1 or 2 pieces, not as much as will fit in your hand) and then we would say "Thank you" and move on.

He actually kind of delighted in putting the candy in his bag and heading off to the next house, he didn't once ask to eat the candy right then and there. Though if a bag of pretzels had come through, I am they would have been consumed immediately.

Picking out candy at a familiar house... hey, that's Uncle Nick!

So we've actually had Halloween stuff happening all week but I didn't want to post because I didn't want to show Chase's costume before I got a picture with the 3 of us. It really takes the 3 to complete the costume, in my mind anyway!

So a few scenes from the week.

Monday is story time at the public library and Chase and I are regular attenders. This past Monday was wear your costume day.

I love my little Ty.

Frankenstein and Ty hanging out.

Ty and Lexi the Chicken checking out their trick or treat bags.

Friday morning our group had a Halloween party complete with costumes, pumpkin painting, cookie decorating and tons of good food. Dear sweet Jessica hosted the chaos at her house... 11 moms and 13 kids under 3... and we are ever expanding!

The classic line up shot... older kids only... way too dangerous to put the newbies in there!

2 kids were AWOL for this shot... it's pretty impossible these days to get all the kids sitting at once... nevermind actually looking at the camera. We take what we can get ;~)

The next round of kiddos! Baby Ryan who just joined us 6 weeks ago and baby Chloe.

Pumpkin painting... and very intently at that.

His masterpiece:

So funny story... I looked for a smaller table size pumpkin the day before but couldn't find anything... soooo... I brought the pumpkin from the front porch. Daddy didn't get around to carving it so I thought we would put it to good use!

My little shirtless wonder vacuuming... Sadie seems to like that in a man... errr, toddler.

In addition to Halloween, we were also celebrating Laura's impending arrival and Katrina's birthday!

Laura is having a girl this time around so we were sure to load her down with lots of pinks and purples!

Cookie decorating... now who wouldn't want to eat that???

Actually... the answer is Chase. Took one bite and was done. I think he out sweeted himself.

Another favorite toy at Jess's house, the baby swing. Chase had a blast opening the tray, taking the baby out, putting the baby back in, closing the tray, adjusting the knobs, rocking the swing, opening the tray... you get the idea. He stood here for at least 10 minutes (aka, a lifetime in toddler time).

It was a great lead up to Halloween but I am glad it's over... I've had enough Halloween now... seriously... someone needs to come take the leftover candy away from me...

no more tootsie rolls. ever.


KaraB said...

move that bus...that's AWESOME!!!!

The Townleys said...

For the record, I like the Ty Pennington outfit...although I would have thought he would go as a laptop? ;-) We missed you guys around here!

Anonymous said...

I love that costume idea!! Minhae's favorite part of trick or treating was... "mommy go get it (candy)" and pushed me upfront as she is shy... but definitely wants the candy! :)

everyday musings of a stay-at-home mom said...

what a great costume...too bad the meaning was lost on some people :)

kathi said...

I think it was a great costume idea...people are not always that bright. :) Cute stuff!!