Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Party

We had a much more low key and quiet family party for Chase on his actual birthday. Bam-ma and Grandpa made sure to pile the Birthday Table high with gifts... which Chase promptly dug into.

Trying to get a good shot in front of the table/gifts... he's fairly uncooperative with the camera these days. Not to mention the fact that Adam's old camera sucks (sorry honey but it does) compared to mine... which I lost on the 3Day... which is still a sore subject. The point being, the pictures aren't nearly a good as I would have wanted. And with that... enjoy!

Chase blowing his new train whistle... well trying at least. He had just opened his haggled for set of Thomas trains!

Clearly he loves opening presents... he got very good at it!

Singing Happy Birthday with his name candles stuck in some leftover pumpkin cupcakes (thanks Bekah!)

I am pretty sure this truck was made with Chase in mind. All the cars and trucks that get put into one big truck that he can carry around with a handle... oh the never ending joy!

Slight issue I didn't think about when I bought it... we now have tiny little matchbox cars littering the house... on hardwood floors. Someone is going to bite it soon... just not sure who. Tip if you come over to the house, look down when walking!

Long hallway + bowling set = more fun then should be legal!

Roof Shampoo's youngest employee finally got his uniform!

John Deere tractors set... that's my country boy!

Remote controlled ATV... I think Adam just got a present!

Even our youngest employee doesn't take time off from fielding phone calls...

Monday night was really a lot of fun... just family, homemade pizza and Chase happy as a clam. It's a good life.

Coming up... the story about why I was late to the in-laws for Chase's party...


Vicki said...

That bowling set is really cool!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Looks like a great day! My kids have the train table/Thomas stuff and the train whistle. They have both gotten a lot of mileage out of that!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day~. Looks like he is all set! Ready to go play.:)

KaraB said...

boyfriend made out great!! woot woot!!!

Let me know who "bites it" first...I've done it at my house but on carpet thankfully!